Love me for me.

Rissa and a few of her friends go to a festival in town. They all run into this beautiful guy named Luke. Rissa starts developing feelings for this guy, but so does her other friends. Who will get him in the end? Will anyone get him? read more to find out :)


2. Sleepover


Rissa's POV

Poor Justine. She is like puking her guts out right now. So Jen and i stay here to help her feel better. It is already really late out so we see no point in going back out to the festival. Instead Jen and I are gonna have a sleepover. Of course we invited Justine, she is just way to sick to stay here.


Jen: Ugh! Why did Erin not come with us earlier?

Rissa: Uh, I don't know. Call her and ask!

Jen: *calling Erin* 

Jen: Hey Erin! Where are you and why did you not come with us?

Erin: Oh....Uh... Hi. Had to meet up with.....someone.....

Jen: Who?

Erin: WHY DO YOU CARE?!?!?!?! *hangs up*

Jen: Okay....... That was really weird.

Rissa: Do you think she will be okay?

Jen: Yeah... But she is acting very suspicious....

Rissa: OH WELL! Sooooo.... What do you think about Luke?

Jen: OMG he is amazing! We were texting for hours!

Rissa: *looks down with despair* Oh.... Yah. Cool.

Jen: What do you think of him?

Rissa: Oh. He seems, cool. Yah know? like... Nice?


Rissa's POV

AHHH I DON'T WANT TO TELL JEN THAT I LIKE LUKE! WHAT IF SHE GETS MAD AT ME?! Sisters before Misters! I can not lose one of my best friends! So i guess best thing I could do is act like I don't like him. UGH! What a crazy sleepover.




Jen's POV

Rissa does not like Luke? Wow... I mean who wouldn't like him. She is crazyyyy. But hey, more for me right? Plus i just found some awesome news about him!


Jen: AHH! OMG Guess what!!?

Rissa: What.....?

Jen: LUKE!! He is in a band! Oh my gosh how hot is that.! This guy keeps getting better and better!

Rissa: Oh thats great....


Rissa's POV

Oh my gosh things just keep on getting better about him! Why does she have to keep on rubbing it in my face? I could already tell this is going to be a long night.






hey Cx I hope you like it so far cause next chapter will be better, Luke will be more in it, Promise! Just starting everything off. C; enjoy xxXx


Who do you think Erin is seeing, and why is she hidding it?

and who will get Luke? Rissa or Jen? 










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