Always and Forever ( A Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

Hello! My name is Katy. I'm 17 and I have brown straight hair and blue eyes. My best friend's name is Louis Tomlinson. Yeah...that Louis....from One Direction. Soooo here is our love story.


5. Chapter 5

When we pulled away I saw Rita. Okay is this girl everywhere?! She looked at me angrily:" Yes, Rita?" asked Lou calmly and with a smile on his face."What is this?!?" she asked angry."What is what?" asked Lou."WHY ARE YOU KISSING HER!? This morning you were flirting with me. I thought you like me and know I find you kissing her?"."Rita. Me flirting with you this morning for me it was nothing. I just saw that you started to flirt and I flirt back because I didn't wanted to be rude and walk away. But the truth is that I love Katy. I always loved her!" he said and caught me by the hand. I blushed and when he saw that he smiled at me. She was pissed. She looked at us and then at our hands and left. I was happy."why was she so pissed? I mean she said she liked me not loved me. I would of understand if she said loved but she didn't."."It's just because I won!" I said proudly."You won? You won what?"." Well it's just..... before you came back she told me that she likes you and you like her back. And you know Rita has slept with all of the boys from school. Well except you of course! When I told her she will never get you in her bed she said ' Do you know what he wants?". Back then I didn't really knew what you wanted. I thought that you like me and you won't fall in her trap. And know I know." I smiled. He laughed and said:" Do you really think I would of slept with Rita. I mean...come on! You are my girl and I love you!". He kissed me on the forehead. I loved him so much! When he pulled back I kissed him on the lips and he put his hand on my neck. The kiss was sweet. We continued kissing and he pulled towards him and I sat in his lap. He wrapped his other arm around my waist. We continued kissing. When we pulled away we were both breathless. He pressed his forehead against mine and smiled."Where do you want to go now?" I asked." I don't know? I just want to be with you. It doesn't matter where. But on the other hand we have only 5 days alone." he said and laughed." What do you mean?" I said a little bit sad." I mean that in 5 days the boys are coming here. I will introduce you to them of course. But they are a real pain in the ass sometimes." we laughed." Do you want to go to your place?" asked Louis." We haven't been there for ages?"." Yes! Come on!" we got up and started walking. Hе wrapped his arm around my shoulders. Now let me explain where and what is our place. When we were little Lou and I used to go to this other park. It had a lot of trees. We decided to go deeper in the woods. With every step we went further and deeper. Until we didn't see the park anymore. That's when we saw this HUGE tree. Behind it we saw a meadow. It was beautiful. It had flowers and a pond. No body knew about this place and it was only ours. We decided to keep this place a secret. Every day when we played outside we just had to go there. It was ours. While I was thinking about all the memories with that place and Lou and me, I didn't realized that we had arrived." What were you thinking about?" asked Lou." I was thinking about this place. When we were little. I miss those times." I said a little bit sad remembering I wasn't a child anymore. We laid on the ground and he hugged me. we watched the clouds and found figures. We laughed and had a great time. It started to get dark but we still didn't want to leave. We watched the stars. I got a little bit cold so Lou gave me his jacket and hugged me. He was so sweet. We decided it was time to go home  but we didn't want. Still it was late and my mom and dad were probably getting worried. We started walking home. When  I was in front of my house Lou gave me a kiss on the lips. When we pulled back I saw that he was sad." Lou what's wrong?" I asked worried." Nothing just....I'm gonna miss you!" he said and I laughed." Lou it will be only for 12 hours or less relax. I'm not on the other side of the world. I'm right here!" I said and kissed him again. He kissed me back, hugged me and left. When I got home and entered my room I decided I would go on twitter and facebook to see if there is something interesting. When I logged on I saw that I had tones of messages. They were all hateful and were from Rita and her friends. She called me fat, whore, bitch and all sore of stuff. I just ignored her. I knew she was just jealous because of me and Lou but what's the problem . I mean she likes him I love him. Unless....? Oooo no, no ,no! She can't be in love with him!! No way! I started thinking. But what if it was true? Noo she just wanted to have sex nothing more!! I changed into my PJ's and went to bed. 

I woke up in the morning from the sound of my laptop. I received messages. One, two, three? And there were more and more. What the hell was going on? When I checked them I saw that they were hateful again. But this time it wasn't only Rita and her friends. There were so much more people! People I don't know? What is going on? There were some fans of the boys. Okay that is strange. I just logged out from my accounts and got dressed for school. When I was done I saw that Lou was waiting me. I took my bad and went downstairs. I was still a little bit sad about all the messages." Hey, babe! Are you okay?" asked Lou." Yeah I'm...I'm fine. Let's go."."Are you sure?" he asked again. I couldn't tell him. I didn't want him to be worried about me." Yeah everything is fine!" I said with a fake smile."Okay. Come on. Hop in!" I climbed in the passenger seat. All the way to school we didn't talk. When we got there I saw that everybody were staring at me. Strange! I kissed Lou goodbye and started walking towards my locker. When I got there I saw that there was something written. It said " BE CAREFUL!!" . Be careful? Why? I needed to talk to Jess and Mark. I started walking towards their lockers. I saw that they were worried." Hey, guys! What's the matter?" I asked." Katy! We need to talk!!! It's important!" said Mark." Yeah no problem! What do you want to talk about?"." We have to talk about..................


(Here's the new chapter! Hope you guys like it! Tell me in the comments should I keep writing or not? Leave a like and a fave! love you all ) 
-Teddy xoxoxo 

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