Always and Forever ( A Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

Hello! My name is Katy. I'm 17 and I have brown straight hair and blue eyes. My best friend's name is Louis Tomlinson. Yeah...that Louis....from One Direction. Soooo here is our love story.


4. Chapter 4

That's when I kissed him on the corner of his mouth. I wanted to kiss him so bad on the lips but he didn't know about my feelings. When I pulled back he just smiled at me. That smile.... I just loved it."Come on let's get you home. You're tired from work."." But I want to spend some time with you."."We'll spend some time together tomorrow when you aren't tired. I promise!" he put his arm around my shoulders and we started walking towards my house. All the way to mu house we couldn't stop talking."Now I want you to get some sleep. Because tomorrow will be an exhausting day." he kissed me on the forehead and left. I went straight to my room. I changed into my PJ's and went to bed. I couldn't sleep because of him. He was perfect. I wanted him so bad. Mark and Jess were right. I have to tell him about my feelings. What if he likes me back? I decided to tell him in a few days when we catch up with each other. I fell asleep with Lou in my head. I woke up again from  the sound of my alarm. I got up happy from bed. I had school but after school I would see Louis. I got dressed in my white skinny jeans, my pink tank top and my white beanie, and pink Adidas. I took my bag and starting walking towards school. When I got there I saw something that I never wanted to see. Louis and Rita were flirting! What?! I couldn't believe my eyes. I tried as hard as I could to stop the tears. I started walking towards them."Hey, Lou!" I said with a fake smile."Hey, Katy!" he said with a big smile."Hey." said Rita with no emotion." I see you two are having a good time." I said looking Rita with my most hateful look."Yes. We are just catching up." said Lou."Okay. I'll leave you two to catch up. I'm late for class." I said and left. I saw  Mark and Jess waiting for me in front of school."I'm so sorry Katy." said Jess. They saw the flirting between Lou and Rita too. Just perfect."I knew he didn't love me. Bit seeing it in that way it hurts a lot." They both looked at me with sad faces. Then I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and saw Lou coming my way."Katy, are you okay?" he asked looking worried."Yeah....everything is fine. I just...I...I have to go!" and I left. He looked at me confused. We texted all the day while I was at school. He didn't stop asking me if everything is okay? If I'm fine? Every time he asked I answered the same thing...that I was just bored. How could I tell him "Yeah everything is fine. Just I'm in love with you. I'm also jealous because I saw you this morning flirting with the girl I hate. And I found out that you don't love me as more than friend. That's all." No way! Finally school was over. When I got out I saw Lou waiting for me at the school gate:"Katy! Come on! We're best friends. I know when something's wrong. What's the matter?"." I told you already a hundred times. I'm just bored that's all."." Why are you lying to me?!" he said with a little pain in his voice."Lou, I'm not lying to you."." I don't believe you!"." I'm not." I said while looking him in the eyes. It was hard because I was lying to him. It hurts me lying to him."Okay."." So where are we going?" I asked happy."I don't know. Where do you wanna go?"." I suggest the park?"."Okay. Come on let's go." We started walking to the park. We ate ice cream, Lou was chasing the pigeons and yelling " KEVIN COME BACK!". It was hilarious. Finally we sat down:' Lou, can I ask you something?"."Anything, love?"."Do you love, Rita?" I asked."Is that all about? Is that why you're so sad? No, I don't love her." A stone fell from my heart. I was sooo happy. He didn't love her. I just sat there and looked at his face. I had to tell him. Now was the time!"Lou, I have to tell you something."."Sure. You can tell me everything."."Well...Lou...I..I sort of..."."Come on! Tell me!"."Lou, I....I'm in love with you!"At first he looked shocked. Then he smiled at me. He started leaning. Then I felt his soft lips on mine. The kiss was soo sweet. When we pulled back he said:" I'm in love with you too." and he kissed me again."LOU!!!!!" I heard a girl say. When we pulled away I saw.........

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-Teddy xoxoxo

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