Always and Forever ( A Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

Hello! My name is Katy. I'm 17 and I have brown straight hair and blue eyes. My best friend's name is Louis Tomlinson. Yeah...that Louis....from One Direction. Soooo here is our love story.


3. Chapter 3

The text was:
"Hey, beautiful! How are you? :)"

"Great! I have music. By the way Rita was asking about you again! She's so annoying -_- !"
"Haha! I want it to be a surprise ;)!"

"What surprise? I miss you so much :(!"
"I miss you too! I want it to be a surprise when I'm coming home."
"Come on tell meeee! Pleaseee :3."

"I won't. I want it to be a surprise ;). I have to go :(. Miss you, beautiful!"

"Miss you too! <3"

I just love it when he calls me beautiful. I blushed."Hey is everything okay?" asked Jess."Yeah. I was just chatting with Lou."."Ooo I see!" and he started laughing."It's not funny."."I know. I don't think it's funny. I think it's cute.Did you tell him?"."Tell him what?" I asked confused."That you are in love with him?" said Mark."No! Of course not! I can't tell him."." Yes you can!" said Jess."Why not?" asked Mark."Because I don't want to ruin our friendship. If he doesn't love me back. I mean as more than friends. Our friendship will be ruined. I don't want that."."Katy I don't think Lou is from those type of guys that will ruin a friendship like yours just because you have feeling for him." said Mark."Yeah. Just tell him. What if he likes you back?" asked Jess."Then I will the happiest girl in the world." I said while day dreaming. I started imagining. What would it be if I was with Lou. To be his girl? To kiss those lips? To be in his arms as more than friends? I missed him so much. The day passed really fast. School was finally over."Hey guys. I'm gonna need help tonight!" i said to Jess and Mark."Well always help you with work." said Jess."Yeah right! You two always hide somewhere so you can make out!"."It's not true!" said Jess."I agree!" said Mark."The marks from lipstick last time all over your face said something else." I said to Mark. The both started laughing. I went home and took a shower. I was exhausted from school. Not only that but tonight I have to go to work. I decided to check my twitter nothing new. I watched television. Then I read a book. When I looked at the time I saw it was to get ready for work. I decided to wear my back skinny jeans and my white tank top. I matched them with my white Adidas.


When I got to work I saw that Jess and Mark were already there. They had big smiles on their faces."Hey! What's up with the smiles?" I asked." Oo nothing. Just tonight is a very special night....for you!" said Mark." Okaaay! If working all night is special." The bar was still empty so I didn't have so much work. But about 11.00 p.m it started to get crowded. And here we go. That's when Jess and Mark disappeared. Perfect. More work for me. I need to stop talking to them so that they can understand that I need help her. When I finished work I just wanted to go home and get some sleep."Guys? Can you drive me home?"."No, we cant!" said Mark."And why is that? I did all the job again because you two had to suck each others faces."."There is someone else who's gonna drive you home!" they said and left. I took my stuff and locked the bar."WOW! You look so different. In a good way." I heard a voice behind me. A voice that I new perfectly. No it can't be! So soon? I turned around only to see two big beautiful blue eyes watching me. It can't be! He was gorgeous! He changed so much! It was Lou!"LOU!?!?!" I asked with eyes wide open."Hello, beautiful. Missed you so much!" He opened his arms for a hug. That's all I needed! I run towards him and hugged him."I missed you too! You have no idea how much!" I felt the tears on my cheeks. We pulled away."Why are you crying?" he asked." I just missed you so much! That's all!" I said and hugged him again. He hugged me tighter. I wanted to stay like this forever. I loved him so much. I never wanted to let him go. He looked so changed. He was not a boy anymore. He was just amazing, gorgeous, sexy and strong. That's when he kissed me on the cheek."Come on! Stop crying or I will start crying to!"."Okay. I'll try to stop." We both laughed. When we pulled away I looked him in the eyes. Then I understood. I didn't just love him. I would die without him, I needed him. That's when I....................

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