My Soulmate From The Hell's Tribe

Having another chance to live in another life only to reunite with her soul mate. But none of them remembered who or where their soul mate is. So, they seek out for each other, not knowing both of them are completely the opposite.


2. Love for the Devil

Several days passed by. The little girl always spend most of her days under the willow tree. Always praying for the girl to be given another chance. But, the stars never grant them. The stars never grant her wish. But, she waited patiently. Her mother would come pick her up during the evening because her mother doesn't like the outdoor too much. 

It was past 7 p.m. and her mother is still isn't here. She sat down and started to mumble. Then, she heard her mother's voice calling out for her. When she stood again, the whole Vrites's tribe came as well. All of them smiled as they saw her under the willow tree. "Come dear. We need to finish our preparations for the--", before her mother finished, the tombstone shone brightly. Her mother came running towards her daughter and picked her up. They started to watch the star as it fall from the sky towards the tombstone. The giant star was slowly decreasing it size. Until, it blasted on the willow tree. Everything went completely white and silent. They couldn't see anything as if they were blind for split seconds. Seconds later, everything went to normal except for the willow tree. They approached it and saw a very small young girl curling inside the deep hole. The Vrites tribe called for help from the Kaitama's tribe. When they managed to got her out, they decided to dress her up and let her sleep at the Reunion Hall. 


Early in the morning, everyone woke up early and decided to check up on the young girl that was sleeping. As soon as they open the door, they couldn't believe their eyes ! In just one night, the young girl fully turned into a beautiful young adult.

Of course her dress doesn't fit her anymore as they were smaller. But is this the girl ? Is this really her ?


My head feels foggy as I started to open my eyes. I could not remember anything except for the task that I was supposed to do. Seek for the person that fell from the sky but shine as dark as the ravine. I realized that there were a few people even creatures looking at me. "I'm sorry. Is anything wrong ?", I asked. Then, came a little girl, looking at me with her round green eyes. Smiling, "You ! You're that girl ! Thank the stars for granting my wish !", she came closer to me and hugged me tightly at the waist. Her voice.. I feel like I've heard it before. "Pardon me, but what 'girl' are you referring to ?'', I asked once more. She quickly sat on my lap which startled me a little, "You see.. centuries ago.. you fell in love with a really mean boy'', as she continues her story, I listen to it carefully. She kept asking her mother what happen next because she kept forgetting. At the end of the story, my eyes were watery and I could not stop the tears that was falling. I, myself could not believe it ended so badly. Was I the one, perhaps the girl in that story ? But, when she described her, it was different than me. I do not have green hair nor the beautiful round blue eyes. Maybe I've changed; because having another chance to live in this world doesn't mean we have to stay the same, physically or mentally.

"Anyway, you're probably tired. Hmm ?", they all whispered to each other and pointed my chest. When I look down, I saw a weird mark. "Oh my ! You're in the Heaven's tribe !". Everyone cheered cheerfully and clapped their hands. I was sitting in complete dazed. "Tribes ? What are those ?", I asked. The little girl pulled up her sleeve and show me another strange mark on her forearm. "It's like a group. Everyone has their own group and their own village. Mommy and me are the Vrites tribe. The most closest village to us is the Kaitama tribe. They helped us get you out from the hole." I looked up, looking at all the tribes. The feminine looking people must be the Vrites tribe and the people with glasses must the Kaitama's tribe. "Um.. where does the people from the Heaven's tribe live then ?". Everyone look at one another. Confused and wondered as well. Then, a boy came up. "Come at my place. All your questions will be answered." He gave a gentle smile. I look up to everyone, they all just nodded and told me to just follow him. 


They arrive at a huge yet simple and plain house. Looks very cozy and beautiful, despite the really huge machines outside and all those experimented plants. When they entered, she was completely amazed by the beauty inside the house. Huge, tall bookshelves everywhere. The others decided to not follow them here because the boy's house is rather further and deeper into the woods. The boy climbed the ladder and took out a huge book and brought it down. "Here it is." He placed the book on a table, scattered with papers, maps and other books. As soon as he flipped the pages, she noticed something familiar. Something she has seen before. A name actually. "May I ?", she asked. "Sure. Err.. I'll be over there. Ask me if you need anything." By that, he walked towards a huge clock and lean over it and sat down.

She flipped the pages and saw a beautiful title at the first page. "Love for the Devil.." she sat down and started reading. "This is the book about the histories of all Heaven's tribes. Why were they all reborn as soon as someone wished for them to be given a second chance ?Read all of these stories and know where their locations are now." She took a deep breathe and started to read. 

 Once upon a time, there lived a very beautiful and pure goddess. She lived at the Forest Spring and because of that, lots of people come and visits her everyday. The words spread until the ruler from the underworld heard about it and decided to visit her as well. He wants to take away her purity and turn her into his slave. So, at that day, the devil came out and when straight to the spring. There, he saw a very beautiful goddess, sitting while humming a very sweet song. He was amazed by her beauty so he completely forgot what was the purpose of visiting her. The goddess realized the devil was standing there, so she stood up, walking towards him but stopped as soon as there was no longer water for her to step on. "Hello. Are you here to visit me ?", her voice was silvery making the devil more attracted to her.

"U-uh.. no ! I'm h-here to --", he stuttered. His words was completely at lost. She really is beautiful and NICE. She giggled, looking at how the devil turn his face away, blushing. As the goddess turned around and started to walk away, the devil grabbed her arm, causing her to almost lose her footing. She quickly look at him. He has a serious looks on his face. "I'll come tomorrow." He lets go and walked away. The goddess was left standing alone, but soon she smiled and walked towards the waterfall.

 The next day, the devil came once more. He watched the goddess as she lie down on top of the water while the flowers surround her. When she noticed he was there, she stood up and smiled, approaching him once more. "Well, you are here again. Do you need anything ?", she asked. The devil shook his head. "I wish to talk to you today. For the whole day, if it's no trouble."  She placed her hand under her chin and looked up. "Hmm.. alright. I do not have anything to do today. So, I shall grant your wish." Raising her hand, a dome was created from the water. "What do you wish to talk about ?". Both of them sat down on a chair that was also created by the water. They spend the whole day, getting to know each other. 

"Do you have wings ? Usually goddess have their own wings. And, you don't seem to have one." The goddess smiled, "I do have one, actually. But, since I always stay here, and getting visitors from humans, I decided to hide it." The devil wondered. Is that even possible ? But he didn't bothered to ask her. 

Months passed by as they always meet up and talk. The devil and the goddess soon was falling for each other but they know it was impossible for them to be together as he could not step into the spring water. Humans was also progressively advancing. More houses are needed. So, they decided to build houses on the forest spring. In result, the goddess will also die because that's her life. She did not do anything to stop them instead she encouraged them. The devil was furious, so he decide to scare all the humans away. When he approached them, he'll do anything to scare them away, causing the goddess to feel a bit upset by his actions. "Do not scare those innocent villagers away." She pleaded but he never listened. The devil didn't want the goddess to leave him as he really love her dearly. 

 It was the day they all waited. They blocked the water from the waterfall causing the spring water was slowly decreasing. She grew weaker and weaker. The devil was desperate to help her, but she stopped him. Her wings started to appear from her back. It was a few minutes before she dies. 

There was a beautiful picture at the bottom. It was a bit old but it touched her heart when she saw the picture.

The devil held her in his arms. It was sad to let go something you love. "I love you.. I really do", she said. She smiled in her tears. "I'll get you back and we'll live together forever. I'll do whatever it takes to be with you again because that's my promise to you. You'll come back to me right ?", he asked. She looked at him in the eyes and nodded. As they lean closer to kiss, she turned into ashes. Leaving him standing with some of the ashes in his hands. He dropped to his knees, tears started to fall from his eyes to his cheeks. "I didn't even get the chance to say I love her.. and to say.. goodbye ..". The devil return to the underworld. All the creatures in the underworld pity him. He ruled the underworld for more than 5 thousand years. Eventually he passed his throne to his brother and never returned. 

Everyone at the village decided to move again. They unblock the path of the waterfall, causing the water to fill up the spring again. Several days passed, the devil stays at the spring and cleared up all the debris made from the villagers. Then, it started to shine bright. A star started fall from the sky and hit the spring. When he looked closer, a girl with small wings was in a curling position, sleeping. He took her out and take care of her. The next day, the girl turned into a very beautiful young lady, looking very similar to the goddess. When she woke up, she screamed in terror. He reached out for her and placed his hand on her cheek. She was trembling but calmed down a little after awhile. As he leans closer, she froze, his lips met her forehead. She started to feel dizzy, then when she stood up, she walked towards the spring, wobbly, while holding her head. As soon as her foot touches the water, she collapse. He knew he couldn't enter the spring water, so he tried to wake her up by calling her. "Wake up !", he shouted. 

 The flowers started to surround her. Slowly she changed. Changing to the person he yearns so much. When she woke up, her eyes were wide open looking at him. "I.. ", before she could finish, he pulled her and kissed her. The world felt like it stopped for a while. Both of them giggled as he held her close to his arms. They stopped ageing, and up until now, they still live. Happy with each other's company. But, the question is.. where ?


After reading, she smiled. "They got their happy ending..", when she looked outside, sun has already set. The boy was reading another thick book. She got up, making her way to him. "Excuse me..", she said. The boy look up, "Yeah ?", he asked. "I still don't know your name." 

"Oh.. it's Berryn. What's yours ?", he asked again. "Um.. I think I'll go with the name, Celeste." She gave him a gentle smile which caused him to get really nervous. "O-oh. Nice to meet you, Celeste." She nodded, "Pleasure to meet you as well."


Berryn is a really diligent young man. He read the books that was scattered on the table throughout the entire time I was reading. "Berryn, you are from the Kaitama tribe, right ?", I asked him once more. He nodded as he read the book. I felt as if I was bothering so I walked away. He looked up at me, placed the book on the table and catch up with me as I sat back down. "Um, sorry I wasn't.. y'know.. taking my time to talk to you, but you seem busy reading and I don't want to disturb you and.. um, I really hope we could get along, y'know." Berryn was trembling as he spoke to me. I reached out for his hand and held it tight. "You don't need to be scared." I smiled gently at him and he smiled back.


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