My Soulmate From The Hell's Tribe

Having another chance to live in another life only to reunite with her soul mate. But none of them remembered who or where their soul mate is. So, they seek out for each other, not knowing both of them are completely the opposite.


3. Celeste's Tear Drop

I woke up in a really cozy bed. I sat up, looking around but there was no sign of anybody. My clothes were changed into a very plain white dress. 

Who changed my dress ? Or how did I end up in the bedroom ? I touched my head, and accidentally touched 'something', I panicked. "Oh dear ! What's on my head ?!", I shouted. I hope it is not a bug ! Berryn came into the room, looking worried sick. "What happen ?", he said as soon as he open the door. I stood in silence, trembling and scared on what's on my head. "Something is on my head," I whispered quietly. Berryn was taller than me, he came closer and giggled. "It's just a ribbon, Celeste." He grabbed my wrist and place it on my own head, my hand was shaking in fear. What if a ribbon is dangerous ? But as soon as the tip of my finger touched it, it was soft. I let out a relief sigh. "Thank you. If it weren't for you, I'd be screaming all day." He gave me a short laugh. "Don't mention it. Oh yeah, I want to introduce you with a few people that's going to help you." 

"Help me ? Help me in what, Berryn ?", I asked. I was completely confused and dazed in this situation. "Help you find the Heaven's village, of course." I nodded as I slowly understand. "Come on, they're all from each tribes at this valley." He firmly held my hand in his and brought me outside his house. When we got out, there was three boys sitting on the huge machine. One was already on top. "H-hey ! Get down from there !! I've worked hard to complete this !", Berryn lets go of my hand and shouted at three of them. They laughed at him and jumped down. The boy with the blond hair was the one who sat on the top of the machine, when he jumped down, he landed with a loud noise. When he walked towards Berryn, the place where he landed, has a huge cracked around it. He is very strong and heavy.. ?

  "Guys. This is Celeste. We are going to help her to get to the Heaven's village."

"And how do you expect us to help her if we don't even know where that place is ?", the boy with the rose on his shoulder spoke up. Berryn crossed his arms, looking at everyone with a very serious look. "Remember the Kaitama's village before it moves here ?", he asked. The blond boy rolled his eyes as he hissed to me, "You're such a troublesome." Even though his voice was low but I could hear it loud and clear, which makes me a bit offended. "I do not seek any assistance if you do not want to do it sincerely." By that, I walked to the house once more, and sat down on the chair. Berryn entered after me along with the other three. "Hey, don't let Blavier's bad attitude get you down." The boy with the red rose on his shoulder smiled at me and held my hands firmly. "My name is Aleyn and I'm from the Vrites Tribe. Pleasure to meet you." I smiled looking at how he is trying his best to cheer me up. "Pleasure is all mine." 

"Hehe. Your smile is beautiful. Keep it that way and don't let anyone ruin it, alright ?", he walked away and sat down on the floor. Then, a good looking guy came towards me, dressed up in a really beautiful suit. "Milady." He reached out for my hand and kissed it. It startled me a bit. "I am Oswyn and I am from the Hell's tribe. Do not worry, even though I am from that cruel tribe, I do not wish to harm any mere soul. I made a promise with master Aleyn to not return where I came from, as he save me from getting killed years ago by the Zaifu's tribe. That is a debt which I cannot repay with my own life. Consider me as a servant." 

"A servant ? I cannot do that. You're my friend, Oswyn." Both of us exchange smile. "Hey, Oswyn ! Quit making her uncomfortable," Aleyn said as he lie down on the couch. "As you wish, master Aleyn. Please excuse me, milady." Oswyn walked towards Aleyn and talked to each other. Then, the blond boy came. His face was stern and not looking at me. "I'm Blavier. Zaifu's Tribe. And, sorry about earlier."

"No.. that's alright. I could understand why you said that." I smiled at him. He quickly turned his face away and sat down at the corner of the room. Berryn came and held out his hand. "We need supplies to get to your village. It'll be a really long journey and I'll ask; are you ready for it ?", his face was so pure and eager to help me. I took his hand and stood up. Nodding with excitement. "Alright.. but before that..", he was blushing madly.

"Hmm ? What is it, Berryn ?", I asked. "I can't hold on to this much more longer. But, that dress, well, a really kind lady from the Vrites tribe came last night and gave it to me, asking me to change your dress because it was a bit inappropriate for a fine young lady like yourself wear something that shows your thigh and upper top. So.. I undressed you and --", before he could continue, Oswyn interrupt, "My my, master Berryn. How come you did not ask the lady to do it for you ?", as soon as he finished talking, the room fell deadly silent as everyone stare at Berryn. All of a sudden, 
Berryn started to scream in some weird language as he closed his face and running around the house. "Hahaha ! Berryn's a pervert !", Aleyn teased him. I pulled Blavier's sleeve and whispered, "What does 'pervert' means ?". He looked at me with one eyebrow raised then burst out laughing. But as soon as he finished, he slowly explain it to me. "Well, a pervert is pretty much anyone who is always thinking about sex and can turn anything into a sexual reference. It's not always older men that like younger women but it can most often be used to describe teenage boys." 

I pulled his sleeve once more, "One more question.. what is 'sex' ?". Blavier once more burst out in laughter. But, he didn't stop this time, he kept laughing and laughing, until he cried. Oswyn approached me, putting his hand on my right shoulder. "Forgive master Blavier, milady. But, that topic is really disturbing and somewhat funny for other people. Sex is an action where a man and a woman get naked on a bed and do whatever to please their lust." I tried imagining it and when I already did, I covered my mouth with both of my hand. I looked up at Oswyn. "I do not get it." Aleyn overheard our conversation and interrupt. "It's when a guy put his thing into yours ! You know, his human reproductive organ into yours !!", after saying that, Aleyn and Blavier collapse to the floor laughing. Oswyn shook his head and looked at me, "I really recommend not to imagine it, milady." I closed my eyes as I crossed my arms. Men's human reproductive organ into a woman. Then, I remember seeing that organ in a really thick book of humans organ last night and a photo of this 'sex'. It's a picture about a man putting his -- I shriek while closing my ears. "GET IT OUT FROM MY HEAD !!", I shouted. Oswyn sigh. Patting my head as I screamed. Aleyn and Blavier was still laughing meanwhile Berryn was at the corner of the room, sitting while kept repeating, "I'm not a pervert. Believe me..".

After awhile of screaming, laughing and running, we all calmed down. Oswyn made tea for everyone. "Do not remind me of what happen a few hours ago," I said, sipping the jasmine tea. "Yeah, I bet everyone don't want to remember THAT." It was a moment of silent as everyone was busy munching biscuits and sipping the tea. "So, Berryn, when do we go buy some stuff ? I'm eager to buy at the new shop that just open a few miles from here. Oswyn ! You brought my money with you, right ?", Aleyn broke the silence. "Of course, master Aleyn."

 "What do you use to pay around here ?", I asked. "Golds. But, the lucky ones who found a white rose only need to show them to the merchant, and they could take anything they want," Blavier explained. A white rose.. "Say, there are only 5 white roses exist. And all of them are belong to the Heaven's tribe." Everyone turned their gaze to me. "What.. ?", I asked. "Do you think they created it ?", Aleyn asked. Berryn took a book and read it out loud. "The only people or creatures that are capable of creating the rare white rose are the Heaven's tribe. With just one drop of tear, they are able to create anything or do anything with it and that even includes a field full with white rose." As he closes the book, "Come on, let's go get some fresh air." Blavier stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me to the back of the house. "Okay. Cry."

"What ? Why should I  ?", I asked. Berryn and the others got out as well. "Look, you might not notice but Berryn is a really poor man, same goes to me. Aleyn is rich so, he won't need the white rose." 

 "Hey !!", Aleyn shouted. "So, in order to help you, we need that white rose. We don't have that much money in our pocket. Berryn uses all of his money to build this useless machines while I used all of my money for my family back at my village." I look at them but they didn't say anything. Berryn just looked away as soon as I made eye contact with him. "Master Blavier, aren't you being a bit --", before he could finish, an arrow flew and hit Aleyn's shoulder. "ALEYN !!", I shouted. "Master Aleyn !", Oswyn shouted as well. Then, came a few trolls, so hideous, you could not describe it's hideousness. "Oswynnn ! It's time to pick you up ! Master Achaois got a new member in his family so he wants you to back !", the trolls said while laughing and licking it's nose. Aleyn fell to the ground, holding his wounded shoulder. Oswyn stood up, looking at them with eyes turned into flaming red. His right hand suddenly turned into a hideous demon claws. His fingernails was long and sharp. "Milady, will you escort master Aleyn inside ?", he said in a calming tone. I nodded. Berryn carried Aleyn to his room, while Blavier rushed inside as well to help his injured friend, I was standing there, watching as Oswyn confronted them. "I promised master Aleyn to not harm any soul. But.. since you do not have any, then it will be okay." In split seconds, Oswyn slashed the trolls. Leaving them sliced and dead on the ground. Only one was left, the one who shot Aleyn. Oswyn's left side of his face has weird marks on it, he grabbed the troll by it's neck and broke them. I watched in terror. When Oswyn saw me, he came closer with his bloody hands. I drop to the ground and closed my eyes with force as he drop to one knee in front of me, "Come, milady. Let's go in." When I open my eyes once more, he looked completely normal but a bit bloody.

Aleyn was on the bed, sweating, shivering and kept turning his head. "Master Aleyn ?", Oswyn called out his name. Aleyn's shoulder was deeply swollen, turning black and his skin was cracking. I covered my mouth as soon as I saw him. Berryn pulled me out, "Celeste, you're the only one that could save him." Tear started to drop and flow down through my cheeks. "What ? I'll do anything, please ! I want him to be fine..", I burst out crying. Berryn firmly embraced me. "Just one tear drop to his body, it'll save him." I nodded as I buried my face to his chest. "Alright. I'll do it. But, could I have a bit privacy ?", I asked. 

I was alone in the room with Aleyn that was seriously injured. I tried to recall our times together a few hours ago. Laughter, smiling and the cheerfulness he brought into the house and what will be missing if he's not alive anymore. I burst out crying, pleading and calling out his name. A few tear drops fell to his arm. Soon, the tear drops shine and started to move it's way to the injured shoulder, when it arrives to the shoulder, it started to become bigger until in envelopes his whole shoulder. His skin started to become better and his wound started to close until no scar could be seen. The water started to extract all of his injuries and trap it inside. I picked the water up and threw it away from the window. "Erghh.. Hmm..", I heard Aleyn's voice. When I turned around, he was already sitting up, looking at his shoulder. "Aleyn !", I shouted. I threw my arms around him and hugged him tightly. The others might've heard me and quickly came in. When we pulled apart, Oswyn came closer to him and hugged him. "I'm glad you're okay, master Aleyn." Aleyn blushed and nodded. "Um.. I don't know about you guys, but I feel really uncomfortable. Ahh ! I can't take this anymore !! This feel so gay!", Blavier quickly got out from the room. To be honest, I feel a bit uncomfortable as well, watching Aleyn, not wearing anything to cover his top, and now hugging with Oswyn. "Just, pretend that their brothers," Berryn said. I just nodded in awkwardness. 


"I knew you could do it, Celeste. Your tear drop saved Aleyn."

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