Study Life .

My study life .


3. My ' GOD '

    After 2 consecutive months after the incident , I started studying . I had 10 subjects for me to crazy . That's a hot afternoon , I took a nap . The definition of ' nap ' for me is about 3 hours till 5 hours . I forgot to turn off my ' Wi-fi ' . When I woke up from my sweet slumber , I just saw a girl texted me on Facebook . She's my schoolmate , not my classmate . I have noticed her before . In the past , she was not nice at all . I chatted with her last year . Because she's getting nicer and nicer . On that time , she ignored me all the time . I was quite disappointed at that time . After waking up from my slumber , I just thought I was not conscious at all . I saw it again and again . I rubbed my eyes a couple of times to make sure everything's real . She texted me ! Oh my GOD . She came to chat with me . We had a happy chat that day . She came to find me next day . She looked GORGEOUS at all . She is so pretty . I had butterflies in my stomach . Suddenly . I didn't know what I should do . She came to my class and wanted to borrow some notes from me . My heart was palpitating . I She is so pretty . My friends said to me ' you are talented ' . Haha , but one of my friends borrowed his notes to this little pretty . Haizzzz.  My pretty good chance was snatched by my classmate . Oh my God . I thought it didn't a matter for me . After I got home , I started chatting with her on Facebook . Our relationship became closer and closer . We started talking about our hobbies , interests and so forth . I found that she was fascinating at all . But , most of time , I started the chat first . After 2 weeks , I told her ' I'm interested you , you're so beautiful . Please accept me ' . She said she needed some time to consider . And the examinations were around the corner . I calmed down myself.. I said ' it will be fine soon ' . I chatted with her almost everyday . I wasted all my time to chat with her . I thought , everything would be alright. After a few days , I told her my feeling . I said ' I don't love you anymore ' . She just said ' me too . ' . 

The feeling was so bad . I just wanted to have a joke only . 

haizzz . Everything is too late now . 

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