Study Life .

My study life .


2. Cheat !

    It was Wednesday . My English teacher who is an Indian . Her name is Premani . Her skin is extremely black like the colour of coal . She came into my class . That day , she was indignant . I didn't know what happened to her . She was foaming at the mouth , due to some errors she made on the early morning . Perhaps , she was scolded by her husband . She called us to bring dictionary to school for checking vocabularies , idioms and much more . I made up my mind to use Malay dictionary to pretend . She wanted us to bring thick one . No pocket dictionaries were allowed . In the class , I sitted at the back . I thought she couldn't notice me . She walked around for checking everyone brought the fucking thick dictionaries . Some of my classmates were too obedient ! Lots of my classmates brought the thick dictionaries . There were stupid . They were nuts . That's better that I brought a Malay dictionary to pretend it . Unfortunately , my stupid English teacher came beside . I just talked to my tablemate Tze Thong . I just pretended I had brought dictionary to school . Haizzz . For those who didn't bring dictionaries to school , they had to stand at in front as punishment . I thought no one knew I didn't bring dictionary to school . So , I just wished everything went alright . Yet , but ' enemy ' ( The person I hate the most in my life ) he told to the teacher . My teacher called me . She demerited me for 20 marks . Oh my god . It's just a small matter . I went to the discipline room promptly . My discipline teacher didn't give me a chance to explain how the situation was . I was caned by the discipline teacher . So painful . It's just a small matter . Too exaggerated .... 

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