Study Life .

My study life .


4. Afterwards .


    The girl that I mentioned , was being flirted by one of my good friends . My friend texted with her everyday . They talked about daily life . I didn't know this before . When I saw my friend's phone , I became despondent . What the hell . They tried to cheat me . I was devastated when they texted gleefully . They talked about daily life . My friend showed me their conversations . It's just like using the needle to prick my heart . Oh my God . I tried to ask her about this problem , that girl ignored and said nothing happened to them . I cried for a whole night . What the hell . They both tried to cheat me lahhhh ... My heart was prickled when the guy borrowed something to her . Sometimes , they talked in the pavement . They kissed together . When I saw it , I just pretended I didn't see , This is what I can do seriously . All my friends consoled me . They said ' Go to chase another girl ' . I can't forget this forever . When I see her , I don't greet her . We are just like strangers . In the past , the girl just said their relationship was just best friends . Now , I really realised . There is no BEST FRIEND between girls and guys . If I were given a chance , I would use ACID to pour her face to destroy her face . I really wanna give her a serious punishment . Now , I try to study hard and pay attention during the lessons . I wanna prove to the girl ,without her company I will be better . I wish everything went smoothly . I won't change myself to accommodate others . That's no point at all ! Everyone is born with their own traits . There is really no point to change yourself to accommodate others . I will be stronger without her company . My life will be better . 

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