Seal Team Seven

This story is about Seal Team Seven and there missions our main protagonist is Ricky Gordaes and his band of brothers Jax, Austin, Isaiah, and Bryce


1. The Start

"Ricky your got damn computer has been beeping all morning, how hell did you not hear that?" said Jax "Sorry man that's what training does to you." "Training for what the got damn olympics?" "No you asshole, I'm running to escape that morning breath of yours.", I throw his toothbrush and some toothpaste at him. "Now go brush we have briefing in a hour, don't be late." "Why The hell are we briefing we don't go on our mission until Tuesday."  "I believe that we are getting a new squad mate."  "He better be cool or I'll shoot his ass.", "Be nice Jax and get ready."  When everyone got up we all headed to the briefing hall.  "Good morning ladies!" I shouted "Ahh fuck you" they all said together  "As you all know we are getting a new memeber today be nice and introduce yourselfs  "Fuck you.." Bryce said.  "Ok then, Austin you can come on in, introduce yourself."  "Well I'm Austin...."  "Shut up!" they all said and started throwing things. "Who cares." Jax added "Continue" I say "Well I'm Austin I came from Hampton, Virginia. And also I would like to tell all of you that I will serve your ass if you get smart Understand?!" "Woah this one got some fire to him, shit like that will get you killed." Jax said  "Well enough of that lets keep goi..." I was cut off by the phone ringing. "Hello... Yes Sir..... Right now?... Yes sir." I hang up the phone and tell my squad the news "Alright it seems like our mission was moved to today, so let's get ready and load up." We all headed towards the armory and stacked up. Bryce grabbed the M23 I had a M16 with a lazer sight.  "Everyone loaded up.." I paused for a response "Yes sir!" they all shouted "Lets move." we all headed to the choppers got in and took off to the LZ "What are we doing and where are we going." asked Jake "I don't even know little bro but all I know is that it's in the middle of bum fuck no where."  "Damn well how far is it?"  "About 30 Klicks out, so rest up we're gonna be there for a while." 4 hours later we were there and I'm not gonna lie I was scared I didn't know what I was taking my brothers into... but they were fearless and I was to.

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