Seal Team Seven

This story is about Seal Team Seven and there missions our main protagonist is Ricky Gordaes and his band of brothers Jax, Austin, Isaiah, and Bryce


3. The Lost

"Got damn it!" I yelled "Calm down it could've happend to anyone." Bryce said "Yeah it happend to anyone" Isaiah cosigned "But why Austin he just got here." I said "How about you go check on him, I think he is out of surgery." Bryce said "Yeah man you're right." I went to see how he was doing, when I got there he was in bad shape his leg was gone. Cut off from the kneecap. "How you feeling man?" I ask "Terrible I feel like shit." "Yeah man and you look like it too." I added and laughed he laughed with me. "So what are you going to do now?" "I think they're sending me to go be a desk jockey." "Hell a easier job then being a seal I'll tell you that." "Yeah man you're right at least I don't have to do a lot of walking." "Yeah...." I couldn't get the image of Jax getting picked off like that out of my head, like he was a deer or something. "Good luck brother I gotta get back to the rest of the squad." "Ok good luck man you're gonna need it in the future." I was walking back to our dorms when my commander stopped me. "Yes Sir?" "You and the rest of your squad are going to J-Bad and pairing up with another seal team, for a classified mission." He said rest of my squad like my brothers didn't mean anything like they were all pawns in a little game it made me sick just thinking about it. "May I ask who is the target?" "Ahmad Albashir he has been killing marines and seals for years without a trace on his position, we could never move on him until now." "Yes sir, do we leave today?" "Yes, go and tell your squad, load up and move out." "Yes sir." After our talk I headed towards the dorms to tell them the news.  "We're going now? This is that bullshit Mo!!" said Bryce "We just got back from our mission two nights ago." said Isaiah. "I know but it's not form my doing, just gear up and get ready to go to J-Bad." After our talk we all headed to the choppers and headed out, may god be with us.


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