Seal Team Seven

This story is about Seal Team Seven and there missions our main protagonist is Ricky Gordaes and his band of brothers Jax, Austin, Isaiah, and Bryce


2. No Death

"It's cold as shit in the evening." Austin said as we walked to the villiage to destroy the forces located there. "I know Austin but it's something you just gotta get used to." "Fuck that I wanna go home, do this shit in the morning." "Stop your fucking complaining." Jax said "Who the hell you think you're talking to? Cause you sure as hell ain't talking to me." Austin said "You! You little bitch. Do we have a problem?" "We might..." "How about you both shut the fuck up." I said. We walked for another two hours and it seemed like time wasn't on our side. "Turn on your night vision, the village is close." We got to the village and was unseen by the village "Isaiah go set those charges on those rocks over there, to cause a distraction and move up." He set the charges and ran back and detonated it. Next thong you know we started the hive. They all came out of there homes to see what was going on. At that exact moment I told Austin to take the shot. Then we all opened up fire on there position they didn't have time to react which made killing them quick and easy. "Hold your fire!" I shouted "Search the homes for anymore intel." Isaiah and Austin searched the hut to the left Jax and I searched the one to the right. I walked over to Austin and Isaiah and asked "Did you guys find anything?" "No but we did hear some movement over there in the woods but other than that Nothing." "Damn, well let's go check it out." We moved towards the woods and I saw nothing... Nothing but dead silence. "Austin what the hell were you talking abou..." I was cut off by a sniper bullet whizzing past my head and right through Jax's head, another bullet was fired and went through Austin's knee "Get down! Bryce give me some covering fire, I have to drag Austin around that bend!" Austin was screaming in pain I saw tears roll down his eyes this is the first time I ever seen a seal cry. I looked at his knee it looked like it was about to fall off. "It hurts... So much." He said with more tears falling down his face "You're gonna be ok I'm gonna get you out of here." He passed out from the pain, Bryce and Isaiah was still firing Isaiah was panicking. I finally called in for a chopper after the firefight. The chopper came in and landed a man was on the gun and we headed back to camp.

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