Seal Team Seven

This story is about Seal Team Seven and there missions our main protagonist is Ricky Gordaes and his band of brothers Jax, Austin, Isaiah, and Bryce


4. J-Bad

We were just landing on the J-Bad airfield at 10:00PM when I was greeted by the naval teams squad leader. "Hello gentlemen, I'm Seargent Hathaway and it's a pleasure to meet you all." "Pleasure is all ours, so we're going to be working with y'all on our next mission huh?" "Yes sir to capture or kill albashir if necessary." "Well I can't wait. but my team and I are gonna need some rest if you want us on our game tomorrow." "No problem sir, you'll be bunking with me and my team tonight, follow me." Next morning I was waken by my men arguing about football and which team is better Saints or Seahawks. "Man I'm telling you Seahawks are great hands down." "Fuck those birds, I'm a saint all day." "Let's ask Ricky, so Ricky who do you thunk is better saints or Seahawks?" "Seahawks hands down." "See I fucking told you, Seahawks are great!" Bryce shouted "Whatever man." Isaiah said "What time do we leave again?" I asked  "4 hours so  go get dressed and ready because before you know it, it will be time to go." I got up and got ready for our ops. "Here Ricky I grabbed your gun for you." "Thanks man." I grabbed my gun and got in the chopper and we took off. "Out target is man who goes by the name Albashir I think we all heard of him by now so I'm gonna make this briefing nice and sweet his "soldiers" are highly trained snipers that have been killing our men and marines for years and now we can finally move in on his position, so let's get it done quick. We will be going in by sea to infiltrate his villa, so stay frosty." We landed at the LZ right on time 7:30PM right outside of Kezkotan. "Everyone suited up, gear checked, vision working?" "Yes sir" "Ok lets move." we moved down the river where our boat is located. We took the boat to the left side of the manor, it was less occupied. "Bryce, Isaiah, and Ricky take the left side we take the right sides breach on 3." Said  Sergeant "Yes Sir." We said then moved to the left side.

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