Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -


19. walks and kisses?

"We brought Macca's!" I called when Niall closed the door. "It was litterally the only thing we passed so if you don't like it blame Niall." I laughed, letting myself fall onto Harry's lap. "You were supposed to give me directions." Niall said sticking up for himself. Our story is such bullshit but everyone bought it so it's fine. "I told you to go right ahead, you said don't tell me what to do and took the left turn so don't blame this on me." I said and he shot me a wink before sitting down next to Maddy.

"Maddy was being a bitch again, you're lucky you weren't here." Harry whispered in my ear and I let out a giggle. "Well you weren't with me so I wasn't so lucky." Harry flashed me a smile before pecking my cheek. "This is why I love you." He joked, wrapping his arms around me and hugging me tightly.

"When are you two going to fuck already!" Louis yelled just as the door opened. "Who needs to fuck?" Michael asked, stealing my fries. "Hey!" I called and he waved at me with a grin. "Who needs to fuck though, I want answers." Luke whined. "Harry and Mel." Louis answered and of course Ashton entered the room. "What's up with Harry and Mel?" He asked. "They need to fuck." Louis said and I rolled my eyes at him.

"The only ones here that should fuck are Niall and Maddy." I said sarcastically. "We wouldn't want another Maddy now would we." Harry whispered and I let out a fit of giggles.

"What was that?!" Louis yelled with a smirk and I stood up again since I had bended over to grab one of my school books from my suitcase. "Not you." Louis laughed. "I can't be the only one who saw Harry bite his lip just there." He said raising an eyebrow. "I think we were all to bussy looking at her bum ourself we didn't notice." Niall said, followed by Maddy hitting him. "I was kidding." He said annoyed and I bit the inside of my cheeks to keep myself from laughing.

"Put down your books for one minute." Harry whined and I let out a giggle. "Harry I can't ignore my study while I'm here." I pouted and he took my book from my hands. "You have two weeks here. Please just be with me while you're here." Now it was his time to pout and I sighed."Fine." I said and Harry cheered, doing a little victory dance. "Dork." I giggled while shaking my head. 

"Well since it's getting dark and people probably won't recognise us, wanna go for a walk?" Harry asked standing up from where he was sittiing and I nodded at him smiling, getting up also.

"Where are you two going?" Louis asked which caused everyone's attention to shoot over to me and Harry. "For a walk..." I said and Louis stood up, walking into him and Harry's part of the room.

He opened the night stand and grabbed something before returning with a huge grin on his face. "Be safe." He finally said, throwing us a condom and my face turned a bright red shade. "You're crazy." Harry laughed, throwing back the condom and shaking his head before leading me out of the hotel room.

"Louis is so weird." Harry chuckled as we made our way through the dim city. "I know right." I smiled and we took a left turn until we were walking along a river. It looked pretty, like something you'd see in the movies. It soon turned dark and the dark water shone due to the full moon up in the sky.

Every now and then a street lantern stood tall but there was always some dark part between the one and the other. Not to mention the tall trees that every now and then stood tall in the dark. 

"It looks so beautiful." I smiled slightly as me and Harry sat down on a small bench next to a tree. "You look so beautiful." Harry mumbled, his intention was clearly not for me to hear it but I did. "What?" I asked and he shook his head. "Nothing." I decided to just shake it off and nodded my head.

We sat at the bench for some time until Harry got a text from Louis saying we had to get back since they had to rehearse early tomorrow. "I don't want to go back." I whined. "Maddy is so annoying." I pouted and Harry let out a chuckle. "I'll be there, we can just ignore them." I sighed and followed Harry towards the hotel.

"Everything looks so pretty when it's dark." I stated simply and Harry chuckled. "You're so emo sometimes." He said and I rolled my eyes. "That was just stupid." I said and he chuckled again as we stood in the elevator. 

I leaned against the elevator wall and smiled. "Take a picture. It lasts longer." Harry turned a light pink shade and looked away, focussing on his hands.

We stood at the door and I was about to knock when Harry stopped me. "You have an eyelash." He smiled and got the eyelash on the tip of his finger. "Blow. Make a wish." He whispered and I swallowed when I realised how close we were. I blew softly and Harry smiled. "Did you make a wish?" He asked and I nodded even though I hadn't since thinking clear was impossible with Harry this close to me.

Our eyes locked and Harry came even closer. I swallowed when he cupped my cheek and bit my lip. He came closer, our lips not touching but if one of us were to move the slightest bit they probably would. "Can I kiss you?" Harry whispered and felt myself glance at his lips before glancing back at his eyes. "We should get inside." I whispered, pulling back from the possition I had both hated and loved to be in. I knocked on the door and it was emediatly opened by Louis who gave Harry a look as if saying 'better luck next time' which I found quite rude.

"I- I'll just sleep on the couch." I mumbled and walked past everyone who I know had been spying on me and Harry.

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