Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -


3. studio fun

"Hey Mel." The boys greeted happily and I flashed them a dimpled smile in return. "Hi." I said and sat down inbetween Luke and Calum softly singing 'cake' by Rihanna and seeing if they got it which they did. "Shut up." Calum laughed and I raised my hands in surrender before giggling and Calum put an arm around my shoulder. "No." Luke said slapping away his arm and wrapping both of his arms around me, holding me close and leaning back so that half of me was laying on top of him. I giggled and hugged him back. "Well isn't this adorable." Michael chuckled as he entered the room we were in. "This is way more comfortable than it looks." I said truthfully, earning a chuckle from Luke. "I know, I'm quite comfortable." He said and I smiled, poking his cheek and seeing a flash. "Did you just take a picture?" I asked raising an eyebrow and Ashton put away his phone. "I can't believe you had your flash on." Michael laughed and Calum joined. 

Suddenly the One Direction lads entered the room and I raised an eyebrow, getting- well trying to get off of Luke who only held me closer. "Dork." I giggled and he stuck out his tongue. "Aww Luke finally got himself a girlfriend." Liam said in a baby voice and suddenly I was picked up from Luke and I looked up to see I was in Michael's arms. "She's mine." He said sticking out his togue at Luke who flipped him off. "Melanie is mine." Calum yelled and everyone burst out laughing. "You guys may want her." Ash said helping me down. "But she wants me." I giggled and punched his shoulder playfully, sitting back down on the couch. "The fans think she's dating Luke." Louis laughed and handed me his phone. I looked at the picture and glared at Ashton who gave me a cheesy smile. It was the picture of me and Luke on the 5SOS instagram with the caption 

"This is way more comfortable than it looks."
"I know. I'm quite comfortable."
Wise words of Melanie and Luke

I handed the phone to Luke who emediatly clicked on the comments. Some were really nice and a few were quite mean but most of them were just asking if I was Luke's girlfriend. Luke had litterally fored me to take a picture with him and the caption basically explained that I was not his girlfriend and that we we're just friends.

"I thought Claire was hanging out with you guys today?" I said confused as my legs were on Zayn's lap, my bum was on Harry's and my head on Luke's since there was not enough room on the coutches. "She had to go to I think her grandmother's,not that I care that much." Niall chuckled and I gave him a look. "Whatever. If we're not doing anything please plug in my phone and turn on my music." I said holding out my phone to Ashton while pouting. He chuckled and grabbed it. "Only because I like your face." He said and I giggled. "Fine with me." I said and soon 'Cake' by Rihannah started blasting and I burst out laughing. "Cake, cake, cake" I nearly yelled causing Calum to throw a pillow at me. "You really need to stop doing that." He chuckled and I stuck my tongue out at him as I watched him change the song and Leave My Heart Out Of This by Fifth Harmony started playing and I softly sang along and laughed way louder than I should've when I heard Harry do the same. So soon me and Harry were singing along to Fifth Harmony at the top of our longues while the rest laughed at us. 

As soon as the song stopped I just grabbed Michael's hand and started playing with it since Michael was sitting on a chair next to the couch and it was the easiest to play with his hand. 

"I still don't agree on having her legs on my lap." Zayn cuckled. "Don't whine. I have the but." Harry said. "Like you mind." Zayn laughed. "Good point." Harry laughed. "Well I have her pretty face so I win." Luke said tapping my nose and I giggled and in the corner of my eyes I saw Niall roll his eyes. Okay than. My phone suddenly rang and I asked Calum if he could pick up and put it on speaker since I'm lazy.

"Hello?" I said loud enough to be heard. "Slut I'm bored." I rolled my eyes at my best friend. "Go suck your own dick." I told him and I heard him chuckle. "Open your window I'm coming in." He stated. "Not at home." I said simply. "Where are you?" He asked. "At a studio chilling with my bitches." I said and Calum once again threw a pillow at my face. "I'm sorry. I'm chilling with these super hot guys." I said and mouther 'better' to Calum who nodded. "I will hang up than. Wear a condom!" He shouted and I burned bright red. "You're on speaker phone you dick." I said and he burst out laughing. "Whatever. I'm gonna go over to Lindsay's." He stated. "Ugh, she's a whore." I stated. "Which is why I'm going." He said and I nearly screamed the word 'ew' before reaching for Calum to give me my phone and taking him off speaker. "Gotta go. Bye. Wear a condom, won't want my best friend getting any STD's." I giggled and he chuckled. "Bye." He said before hanging up.

"My best friend right here." I giggled, pointing at my phone. "At least he's concerned about you, and wants you to have safe sex." Niall chuckled and I flashed him a smile. "Not that I'd have sex with you. I'm a virgin." I lied, not breaking eye contact with Niall who flashed a smirk, but as soon as it came it went away. "So am I." He lied and I burst out laughing. "Sure." I said sarcastically and he raised an eyebrow. "How would you know?" He asked and I shrugged. "Look at you. You probably had sex with half your fans." I said and he chuckled. "You don't look like a virgin either." He said looking me up and down. "Are you saying I look like a slut?" I asked raising my eyebrow and he shook his head. "Nope. I'm just saying you're way to hot to be a virgin." I just rolled my eyes and giggled, grabbing Ashton's hand and starting to play with his fingers since Michael had changed places. "Your fingers are huge." I told Ashton who chuckled. "Your fingers are tiny." He said grabbing my hand and looking at my fingers. 

"I'm bored." I whined as now my feet were on Ashton, my bum was on Calum and my head was on Michael as I played with Luke's soft hands while every now and then a small smile would creep on my face, the One Direction lads had left earlier because they had to record a song. "Than come and hug me." Cal smiled cheekily and I sat up so that I could hug him tightly. "I also want a Melanie hug!" Michael yelled and soon enough I was pulled into a group hug and let out a small giggle.

"You guys are such dorks."


So in either the next chapter or the one after that she will get together with one of the boys so just tell me who you want her to be with. This is like the scores (I guess) right now.

Ashton - 4
Luke - 2
Michael - 1
Calum - 1


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