Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -


21. Rehearsels and Kisses


We walked around the arena and I layed down on the just cleaned floor, my head on a jacket I had stolen from Liam as I watched Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum rehearse their songs for the next hour.

I decided to walk around for a bit after half an hour or so and explore the arena. I decided to post a random selfie I had made on Instagram. I stuck out my tongue and so did Luke in the background, Ashton smiled wide, showing his teeth, Michael just awkwardly smiled and Calum pouted. I smiled at the picture and posted the picture with the discription: Guess where I am.

I continued to walk, run, jump, dance and sing around until I bumped into someone. "Well wasn't that attractive." Louis laughed and I stuck out my tongue at him. "I was being completely serious." He said swinging his arm around my shoulder and laughing. "Well aren't you attractive with that booger hanging from your nose." 

Louis crossed his eyes and whiped away the booger onto a random receit he had in his pocket. "Are you high or something?" I laughed and Louis laughed, pushing me playfully. I stuck my tongue out at him once again, causing him to laugh even harder. "You're so overwhelmingly attractive sometimes." I put a hand to my heart. "Don't make me blush now, Tomlinson." I said dramatically and he chuckled again. 

Me and Louis sat down on the ground in the hall. I leaning against the one wall and Louis against the one in front of me. "Let's play truth or dare and when someone doesn't do the dare or isn't truthfull the other person can tweet on the other person's twitter whatever they want." He said after some silence. "There's only the two of us." I said and he nodded. "What's your point?" He asked and I giggled, nodding. "Okay. Why not." 

"Truth or dare?" Louis asked raising an eyebrow. "Truth." I said and he rolled his eyes. "Am I bigger than Niall?" He asked and I gave him a confused look before it hit me what he meant and I pointed towards his croch. He nodded his head and I awkwardly shrugged. "I don't remember?" It came more out as a question than I expected. He let it go and nodded, as if telling me to fo on.

"Truth or dare?" I asked. "Truth." He said immitating my voice which caused me to roll my eyes while letting out a giggle. "Was I the best you ever had?" I raised my eyebrow. "Honestly? Yes." I smiled, clearly happy with myself. "Okay truth or dare?" Louis asked. "Dare." A smirk appeared on his lips. "I dare you to kiss Harry." My mouth dropped. "What if he doesn't want to kiss me?" I asked and Louis called called onto the stage. We got up and he chuckled. "Than kiss me." We stood next to the stage now and Louis looked at me playfully. "You're kidding me?" I asked and he shook his head, stepping closer. "I won't mind." I shook my head at Louis with a disgusted look before walking towards the stage.

"Harry!" I called, climbing onto the stage and he turned around from where he was sitting, talking to Liam. "Louis dared me to do this and I will not let him tweet off of my twitter." Harry looked a bit confused as I came closer to him even though the other boys cought on. I placed my hand in the back of Harry's neck, pulling him closer as I pressed our lips together. He was a bit taken back at first before placing his hands on my hips.

And damn this boy can kiss.

I loosened up and layed my arms on his shoulders loosely. Our lips slowly moved in sync and I was suprised by how good of a kisser Harry was. "Okay you win. You two can stop now." Louis laughed and Harry got a hand off of my hips and, I think, waving Louis off. 

We finally pulled back and I stood speachless. "You owe me ten bucks!" Zayn called over to Liam. "That didn't count it was a dare!" Zayn laughed. "It started off as that, yes. It ended up as some sick soft porn video starring two of my best friends." I cringed at his words and Liam sighed, handing Zayn a ten dollar bill. 

"Okay boys. Take your places."


"Can we please have a break." Louis whined pouting. "No you can't!" I yelled and the man glared at me. "Sure boys. I can't work with you like this anyways." They fist bumped the air and drank their water. "You're so mean to me sometimes." Louis laughed. "That's because I don't like you." I said sarcastically and he chuckled, rolling his eyes. "Love you too." I stood up from my possision on the floor and climbed onto the stage. 

Harry's arms wrapped around me from behind and he pecked my cheek. "Harry oh my God you're sweaty. Stop. Ew." I laughed and Harry joined me soon. "Shut up. You love the smell of my sweat." He said confidently. "I do actually." Harry smiled. "Really?" I laughed and shook my head. "No." I grabbed the nearest deoderent bottle I could find and sprayed it all over Harry. "Now you can hug me." I giggled and he emediatly did.

"Lads I'm getting food wanna come?" Louis asked and everyone nodded except for Niall. "Mel can I talk to you for a bit?" He asked and I nodded. The boys shrugged and walked off, leaving me alone with Niall. 

"I don't want you to kiss Harry. I don't even want you to be as close to him as you are right now." I rolled my eyes. "You've got to be kidding me, Niall?! Harry is my friend and Louis dared me to kiss him. Not that it matters because need I remind you: you have a girlfriend and she's not me so don't you dare say who I can and can not be close with." I crossed my arms and Niall sighed. "And don't think I heard the two of you last night. You're disgusting." I said and Niall looked emberassed.

He suddenly walked to the side of the stage. "Wait." He said and turned on 'Kissing In Cars' by Pierce The Veil.

He stuck out his hand and I looked at it confused. 

"May I have this dance?"

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