Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -


25. Okay?

"You can tell me anything, you know that right?" Harry asked, his voice soft and sweet. I just nodded. "I had sex with Niall." I whispered and everything grew horribly quiet apart from the sound of the tv in the living room area since Maddy blasted the tv way louder than she should. Harry then finally decided to talk. "I know, but it was a long time ago so-" I cut him off, my voice nothing more than a whisper. "I had sex with Niall in the car when I first came here." Harry genuinly got tears in his eyes but moved to the edge of the bed, not facing me. "Harry..." I said softly, placing a hand on his shoulder which he shrugged off.

"Was that why you didn't want to kiss me?" His voice was soft and he looked at me, a few tears having rolled down his cheeks. "It's quite sad that a dick like Niall has an annoying girlfriend and is a horrible person gets to have sex with you and the only way you'll kiss me, someone who's always been there for you, is if you get dared to." My mouth slightly parted. "All I wanted was you, Mel." He said before getting up, putting on pants and a shirt and storming out of the hotel room, leaving me there with quiet tears to roll down my cheeks.

"Are you okay?" I looked up to see freaking Maddy standing there, leaning against the doorframe. "Why do you care?" I asked, my voice a whisper. "Listen, I know I was really rude to you so I get why you snapped at me this morning but I'm only like this because it genuinly says in my contract that I have to be a bitch so that when the contract ends it won't be hard since no one will like me. And yes, I do know about you knowing about the contract." I was quite speachless and slowly nodded my head. 

"Now please, just tell me. Are you okay?" She asked again and more tears spilled from my eyes as I shook my head no. She scooped over, pulling me closer as I cried into her shoulder. "I'm so fucked up." I whispered shking my head. "Aren't we all?" 


"We're back!" Louis' loud voice rang and I groaned internally as I burried my head in a pillow. "Please don't tell anyone I'm not a bitch, not even Niall." I nodded into the pillow. The door to Harry's room opened and I groaned at the sound of it. "Where's Harry?" I think Zayn said and I felt tears sting my eyes. "They had a little falling out." Maddy explained, rubbing my back and I noticed how whenever she was around people she did this horrible voice. "I think I should go home." I mumbled into the pillow. "What? Why? It was just a little falling out. It'll be fine." Louis said confused. "It won't be fine Louis." I snapped and got up from my position so I could look at him, my eyes probably red and puffy. 

I got up, pushing through the boys but just as I was about to walk through the door it swung open, showing Harry, he looked hurt and tears still streamed down his face. "I'm sorry." He cried. "I just really, really like you." He sniffled and I wrapped my arms around his torso, hugging him and burying my head in his chest. "Please don't hate me." I begged him, even though he had apolagized and told me he really really liked me. "I'm sorry." I apolagized and he wrapped his arms around me.

Even though I could feel the eyes burning holes throughout my whole body all I could think about right now was how Harry's arms had wrapped around me, which I took as him telling me he didn't hate me and forgave me. And honestly, that was all that mattered to me right now. 

The moment was ruined when the door opened only to reveal Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum, being loud and obnoxious. "What's up with those two?" Calum laughed while walking past us. "They had a falling out and Harry stormed out, only to return later, telling her he was sorry and now they're hugging." Harry tensed up at the sound of Niall's voice but I squeazed him slightly which then caused him to relax. 

Slowly pulling back I looked up at Harry, only to see he was glaring at Niall who gave him a confused look in return. "What's up your ass mate?" Niall joked and Harry let out a sarcastic chuckle as he shook his head. "I'm not your mate, Niall." Harry said calmly. "What's your problem." Louis asked curiously. "He knew how I felt about her Louis, that's what my problem is!" Harry suddenly yelled and it seemed to hit Niall what Harry had been so upset about. "Harry, calm down." I said softly. He scared me, the look in his eyes telling me he was ready to kill someone and the way his body tensed up didn't tell me any different. "What are you talking about, Harry?" Liam asked tilting his head to the side slightly. I looked at Harry who was still looking at me, my eyes begging him not to tell anyone. "It's none of your buisness." Harry simply said, suddenly sounding alot more calm even though he needed to force himself to. 

I looked up to see Niall staring at me and shifted uncomfortably. "Mel, do you want to go for a walk?" Zayn asked and I happily took the offer, hoping no one would be killed while I was gone. Me and Zayn got out of the hotel through the back and just stood there, leaning against the wall as Zayn lit himself a cigarette. "Can I have one of those?" I asked carefully and Zayn looked at me. "I thought you promised Harry not to smoke anymore." He chuckled. "Harry doesn't have to know no, does he?" Zayn shrugged while chuckling and handed me a cigarette and a lighter.

I lit the cigarette, handing Zayn back his lighter. "Okay so let's start from the start, why did you and Harry have a falling out?" Zayn asked and I took a long drag from the cigarette before blowing out the smoke. "Let's just say I told him something he didn't like." I shrugged. "And this thing had something to do with Niall?" I nodded my head while taking another small drag. "So you two kissed or something?" I sighed at all of Zayn's questions. "Zayn can we just not talk about this right now?" He threw up his hands in defence and nodded. "Just know you can talk to me." And I smiled slightly at his words.

"Guys you have to come up, now." Louis said opening the door. He sounded hurried and worried. Me and Zayn let out cigarettes fall to the ground almost in sync as we stepped on them and followed Louis to the elevator. 

Louis swung open the door to the hotel room and the first thing I noticed was Harry, sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. "Zayn stay here, Mel, come with me." Louis said before leading me to Luke's room where Niall sat on the couch, his hands covering the lower part of his face and my eyes widened when I saw how bloody they were, not to mention the soon-to-be bruse on his jaw.

"Niall are you okay?"

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