Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -


23. Not Knowing

"I'm going to go back to the hotel." I smiled weakly at the other boys who all looked up at me with confused expressions. "Why?" Liam asked and I shrugged. "I don't feel so well." I lied. "Do you want me to come back to the hotel with you?" Harry asked. "I'm probably just going to take over your bed and sleep in it so..." I said, hoping he'd drop it and not come since I just wanted to be alone right no but didn't feel like dissapointing people or be rude. "I don't care. I'll just come with you and look after you. Someone has to." I nodded. Shit. 

We made our way back to the hotel where Maddy was sitting, watching tv. Her head snapping over and glaring at me before turning back to the tv. "Bitch." I mumbled before walking straight over to Harry's bed, taking of my shoes and climbing under the covers. "Do you want me to make you some tea?" Harry asks and I shook my head. "I just want to sleep." I mumbled from under the covers. "Okay." Soon I felt a body climb under the covers also and a body wrapping his arms around mine, pulling me closer. "I'll get you sick, Harry." I mumbled again and Harry chuckled. "I don't mind."

I couldn't help but smile at his words and closed my eyes. I wasn't even tired but all I wanted to do was sleep. And after what seemed like forever I fell asleep.


A phone rang, waking me up, but I wasn't ready to open my eyes yet. I felt something under me move before leaving the bed and the phone stopped ringing. "This is Harry." His raspy voice rang. "I'm at the hotel." pause. "Melanie doesn't feel well." Another pause came but I finally opened my eyes, leaning on my right arm and Harry smiled as he noticed me.

He walked over, pecking my forehead. "I'll call you later." He spoke through the phone before haning up. "How are you feeling?" Harry asked and I shrugged. "Do you wanna go back to sleep?" I shook my head no and he nodded. "Do you want me to get you anything?" He asked already walking off. "Please, just, lay with me." I nearly begged and Harry crawled into the bed, pulling me closer to his chest.

"What's wrong, love?" Harry asked rubbing my back and tears stung my eyes.

"I don't know." I whispered truthfully.

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