Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -


4. McDonalds and fans

"We're cool dorks though." Calum stated confidentally and I giggled. "I don't think there is such a thing as 'cool dorks' Cal." He chuckled and stuck his tongue out at me, which I soon mimicked, earning a few laughs. "We're back!" Louis yelled as the boys entered the room again. "To bad." Michael joked, earning a giggle from me. "I didn't know you had red hair." Luke suddenly said and my head snapped around so quickly I nearly broke it. "What?" I asked and he looked at his laptop. "Nothing." I then crawled onto his lap to see what he was looking at and my eyes widened as I closed the laptop. "Where did you find that?" I asked and he shrugged. "The fans told me to check it out." He said looking at me inocently. "I'm deleting that." I stated and Calum jumped up.

"Wait! I want to see it!" He yelled, grabbing the laptop before I could protest and Luke had tightly wrapped his arms around my body so that I couldn't grab the laptop. "Aww you had a tumblr!" Michael said in a baby voice and in emberassment I burried my head in Luke's chest. "You were so girly what?" Ashton said and chuckled. "Luke." I whined. "Say something." I told him in the same whining voice. "Don't be such dicks." Luke said and I smiled and pecked his cheek and I swear if I didn't know better I'd think I saw him blush. "Keep the tumblr, it's cute. Plus, the fans are obsessed and you don't want to take that from them, do you?" Michael pouted and I stuck my tongue out at him. 

"I'm hungry." I suddenly yelled, followed by a loud groan. "Niall is that you?" Luke asked cupping my cheek since my head was laying on his lap. "I'm hungry too." Niall whined. "You two go and get food than." Liam said helping me off of the couch. "Fine with me." I stated and Niall just nodded. "We're gonna eat food and we'll come back afterwards." Niall said and everyone protested. "Why won't you guys bring us some?" Calum whined. "Because, mister Hood. If you ain't coming to get food, you won't be getting any food." I said. "You heard the woman." Niall said high-fiving me and I giggled. 

"Ew when did it get cold?" I mumbled to myself as the suprisingly cold breeze hit my bare skin since I was only wearing black shorts and a white tanktop. I guess Niall took this as a hint because he took of his zip up hoodie and handed it to me. "Oh you don't have to." I said and he smiled. "It's fine." He told me. When did he become so nice. Last time I checked he was a lovable dick but you couldn't exactly call him nice. "Thanks." I smiled as we started to walk towards McDonalds since it was close and if you didn't mind the cold breeze every now and then it was to much of a good day to even think about sitting in a car. 

"Niall." I whined as he once again took one of my fries. He stook out his tongue at me, grabbing another one. I pouted and grabbed his burger taking a bite and he let out a fake gasp. "You did not just eat my food." He said dramatically. "Oh yes I did." I said, my voice full of sass. We both laughed and he reached to grab another one of my fries. "No Niall. You already ate your fries." I whined and he pouted, followed by me letting out a sigh. "Fine." I said faking a mad expression which I probably sucked at. "Sorry." He pouted placing his hand on mine and I tensed up slightly as I looked at his hand. He awkwardly pulled back and I awkwardly smiled at him. Alot of awkward things going on.

"Niall! Oh my Gosh! Will you please take a picture with us?" Girls screamed, causing more to come our way. He glanced over at me and I just flashed him a smile, telling him it was okay while walking over to a nearby bench where I decided to wait for Niall to finish. "What are you doing?" The girl next to Niall asked and I looked at her a bit confused. "Sitting?..." I said but it came out more as a question. "No. I want you in the picture too." She said, making me even more confused. "Me?" I asked and she nodded. "You're friends with Five Seconds Of Summer. Everyone's already talking about you. And you're trending on twitter as 'Luke's girl'." She told me and I slowly stood up to stand next to her. I flashed a bright smile at the camera and weirdly enough alot of girls wanted to take pictures of me. "Is that Luke's? Gosh you two are so cute!" A girl suddenly said making all the girls pay attention to the hoodie I was wearing. "It's Niall's actually. And me and Luke aren't together." I said awkwardly and they all just nodded. "I think you should date Michael. You two would be adorable!" This statement ended in all the girls talking about who of the boys I should be with when I got a phone call. 

"Hello?" I answered. "What's taking you two so long? We're kinda worried. Not to much though." I let out a giggle. "Geez, thanks Luke." I stated. "Oh My Gosh she's on the phone with Luke." I heard whispers. "We were on our way but we bumped into some fans. Your fans are awesome." I giggled. "I know right." He chuckled. "But please come back." He whined. "Niall. Luke asked if we could come back." I said and he nodded. "We'll be right there. Bye." I said through the phone before hanging up. "Sorry guys we gotta go because Luke's being a cry baby." Niall laughed and the girls joined. "Bye." He said which I repeated before we left and walked home. "I'm still mad you stole my fries." I stated crossing my arms and Niall playfully pushed me. "Sorry." He said and I just stook my tongue out at him. He suddenly stopped right in front of me, a playfull smirk on his lips as he put his hands on my waist and threw me over his shoulder. "Niall!" I squealed and he chuckled. "Niall, seriously put me down." I laughed. 

"I will when you're not angry with me anymore." He chuckled


Okay so in the next chapter I'm going to put her with someone these are the scores.

Ashton - 13
Luke - 6
Michael - 2
Calum - 2

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