Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -


14. Heartbreaks and party's pt. 2

I arrived at the party and payed the cab before getting out smirking at the sight of a few lads eyeing me. I walked up to the guard and smiled at him. "Melanie, come in." He said letting me cut the line of people hoping to get in. 

The party was super crowded and it was hard to walk. I groaned and emediatly made my way to the bar where I had spotted Zayn. "Hey dork!" I yelled over the loud music and he turned around smiling. "Hey!" He chuckled and hugged me. "Where are the other boys?" I asked and he nodded towards the dance floor, well what was supposed to be the dance floor but people danced everywhere, really. I let out a giggle before ordering some vodka which I drank quickly. "Zayn!" Someone I didn't know yelled and Zayn waved before getting up and walking towards the person. 

Three rounds of vodka and about six shots later you could say I was quite drunk. People looked at me as I walked around, giving me confused stares since everyone thought I was some angel, of course they thought that only an angel can date precious Ashton, right? I groaned at the stares and bumped into Harry, Louis and Niall. "Hey guys!" I squealed hugging them and they gave me confused looks but shrugged it off. "Mel! Meet Niall's girlfriend!" Liam yelled jumping up from no where and probably just as drunk as me. I stil felt my heart drop but ignored the pain as a slutty looking blonde cake-faced whore flashed me a fake smile. "I'm Maddy." She said flicking her extention's over her shoulder. "I don't care." I said in the same fake tone as she had talked to me. "Liam dance with me!" I cheered. "Shouldn't you got to Ashton." Liam said playfully making kissy faces. "Ashton can go fuck himself!" I yelled loudly, so that Liam could hear. "Well come and dance with me than!" He chuckled, taking my hand as we stumbled to the dance floor. 

I turned around so that I was facing Liam and swung my arms around his neck, giggling like crazy. "Look! Luke!" I giggled as Luke walked around like a helpless puppy. "Lucas!" I sang pulling Liam behind me. Luke smiled at me and waved. "Talk to Liam I'm getting myself another drink." I yelled over the music. "Bring me one!" Liam slurred and I laughed drunk-like before flipping him off. 

"Vodka." I stated plainly and the bartender chuckled before pouring me my vodka. I chugged the drink quickly, asking for another one. "Mel?" I turned to my right to see Ashton looking at me some girl standing next to him. I chugged the drink, not breaking eye contact with him, slamming the empty glass onto the table, not hard enough to break it though. I got up from my chair and flipped him off before walking off. "Hey Mel!" I turned around to see Michael and smiled at him. "Heyyy!" I slurred and burst out laughing. "Damn you're drunk!" He laughed and I laughed along with him. "Where's Cal? I haven't seen him all night." I groaned and Michael laughed before pointing at Calum sleeping on a table. "Underaged drinking." He chuckled. "Which is exactly what you are doing young lady." I suck out my tongue at him before nearly falling over which caused me to burst out laughing. 

I bumped into someone and nearly fell over when I looked up. "You're fucking Justin Bieber holy shit." I said and he laughed. "Hi." He said awkwardly. "You're Melanie... Ashton's girlfriend, right?" He asked. "Ex-girlfriend, appearantly." I slurred and giggled before walking away but turning around. "I'll see you around." I slurred again before walking back to Liam and Luke who were standing with the rest of the boys, also Ashton. I let out another groan and walked upto them, not even glancing at Ashton as I walked upto Zayn emediatly, grabbing the pack of cigarette's from his hands and winking at him before lighting it and bringing it to my lips, letting the smoke enter my mouth before blowing it out and handing Zayn back his cigarette's. "Thanks." I said and he just chuckled. I rolled my eyes when I saw Niall and his girlfriend make out and continued to smoke the cigarette in my hand. "You shouldn't smoke." Ashton said hesitantly. I took a step closer to him and took a drag of my cigarette, locking eyes with him before blowing out the smoke in his face and walking off. 

I walked outside and leaned against a wall, close to a body guard and took another drag of my cigarette. I felt a figure next to me but didn't bother to look around. "What happened?" I looked to my left to see Harry, looking worriedly at me. "I really don't want to talk about it right now..." I whispered painfully due to the lump in my throat I didn't realise I had. I looked down at me feet and threw the cigarette on the floor. "Harry, what's wrong with me?" I asked, suddenly alot more sober. "Nothing's wrong with you, Mel." He said pulling me into a hug. I could see the camera's flash but couldn't care less. All I needed right now was comfort, comfort which Harry gave me. "Do you wanna get out of here?" He asked me and I nodded my head as he pulled back from the hug. He whiped away my tears I didn't know had fallen and flashed me a weak smille before leading me to a cab. "Do you want me to bring you home or do you want to come to my house?" He asked and I thought for a bit. "I want to go to my place."

The cab came to a stop and I glanced over at my large house. "Harry?" I asked. "Yes love?" He asked. "Please stay with me..." I whispered. "Of course." I saw him pay the cab driver and thank him before the both of us got out. I unlocked the door and entered, kicking off my shoes. "Come on." Harry said before scooping me from my feet and carrying me up the stairs. "Which door?" He asked and I pointed at my room. 

Harry layed me down on the bed and flashed me a smile before walking towards my dresser, opening the top left drawer only to see it had my underwear and a few bra's in there. "Well that's awkward." He chuckled closing it. "Which one has your pyjama's in it?" He asked and I shrugged, not caring as I burried my head in my pillow. I heard Harry walk over and turn me around so I could see him. He took off his shirt and handed it to me. "You can't sleep in those clothes." He stated and I thanked him before walking into the bathroom where I changed. 

As I re-entered my room I saw Harry was just about to walk out. "Where are you going?" I asked and he looked back, flashing me a weak smile. "To sleep on the couch." He said. "Can you please stay here with me?" I asked him and he hesitantly nodded. I saw him look me up and down a small smirk forming on his lips before it left as if he was suddenly hit. He took off his pants, leaving him in his underwear. 

I crawled into my bed and so did Harry. I crawled closer to him, hugging his torso. "Harry?" I whispered and he nodded his head. "Thank you." He smiled to himself. "What for?" He asked. "Caring." I stated and he hugged me a little tighter. "Always, Melanie." He whispered.

"Always." He repeated softly.

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