Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -


26. Harry didn't do it

"I'm fine." Niall obviously lied, turning his head away from me so that I couldn't look at his face. I let myself fall onto the couch next to him. "Let me see it." I said a little annoyed he turned his head away from me just because he was injured. He shook his head and I rolled my eyes, looking at Maddy who struggled to hold back her laughter which actually caused me to have trouble not to laugh also. 

"Just turn your damn head, Horan." I snapped annoyed and he rolled his eyes at me. "Oh rolling your eyes at me? Fine. I'll just go back to see if Harry is okay." I said getting up and walking towards the door. Three, two, one. "Wait." Niall sighed and I smirked, clearly happy with myself as I skipped back to the couch, sitting down again. 

Niall slowly took his hands away and I scrunched up my nose since I actually find other people's blood grose. I wouldn't say I'm affraid of all blood's seeing mine doesn't really bother me because it's my body and I bleed seven days a month anyway but when I saw other people's blood I always got this grose feeling in my stomach as if I were to throw up any minute. "You look horrible." I said trying to hold back laughter as I tried to lighten the mood which kinda helped because Niall let out a sarcastic laugh. "Really?" He asked and I smiled. "See, you can already be sarcastic! It mustn't be that bad." Niall smiled but winced when he did so, his hand shooting up to the, to me, left side of his lip. 

"C'mon let's get you cleaned up. Maddy will you help me?" I asked and she shook her head, faking an annoying voice again as she spoke. "I'm affraid of blood." She said and I groaned. "You litterally bleed seven days a month." I said raising an eyebrow. "But this is different." She said and crossed her arms which annoyed me. I didn't like this Maddy. At all. I helped Niall into the bathroom where I held a random cloth under water before cleaning Niall's face. Luckily the blood from his nose had stopped running because I'm pretty sure I would've fainted if it hadn't.

"Care to tell me what happened?" I asked, closing the door for more privacy. Niall looked down to where my stomach was because looking any lower was impossible with me cleaning his face. "Why'd you tell him?" He asked and I gulped, taking the cloth away from his face ad rinsing out the blood. "He's my best friend, Niall." I said softly. "Yeah but he's also madly in love with you." Niall said, just as soft as I had talked to him. "At least someone is." I said under my breath and his head shot up to look me in the eyes.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked me and I shrugged. "I think you know what that's supposed to mean." I said, unlocking our eyes and focussing on my shoes. "I do like you, Mel." Niall said softly, clearly scared anyone was listening. "And how am I supposed to know that, Niall? You never show me you like me and all you want when we're alone is to hook up. I don't feel like you even like me the slightest bit because you never ever show." I said and he sighed, making me look up at him before slowly leaning in and wincing once our lips came in contact, bringing his hand up to his lip again. "That would've been so cute if my lip was't busted." He chuckled lowly.

"I'm going to be honest with you, I wish I was the one who did that, not Harry." I laughed. "Harry didn't do this." He said pointing at his lip and confusion struck me like lighting in a tree. "What do you mean?" I asked tilting my head slightly to the side. "I mean exactly what I'm saying. Harry didn't do this. He was very upset, yes. But he didn't do this." My mouth parted slightly since I've never been this confused in my life.

"Than who did?" I asked him and he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly as he looked away.

"Ashton did."

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