Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -


11. 'Don't tell Ashton!'

"Zayn wake up! We have to go to the studio!" Harry yelled. "Fuck off Harry I'll come later!" He yelled back and I heard Harry let out a groan. "Whatever, but when Simon's being a bitch it's not my fault!" He said before I heard footsteps.

"I'm gonna go home now..." I mumbled, everyone -except for me and Zayn- had already left. "Are you sure you can... be there?" He asked and I nodded my head even though I myself wasn't all to sure. "Do you wanna come to the studio? Ashton will be there." Zayn said and I slowly nodded my head, actually being happy he asked so I wouldn't have to be all sad on my own. "Come on then, I'll go with you too your house and you can get changed and stuf." Zayn told me leading me towards his car. "Okay."

"Okay I'm ready." I stated and Zayn just nodded as we made our way to the studio. 

"Ashton I brought you a suprise!" Zayn sang, slamming the door to the studio shut. "Did you get me food?!" I let out a small giggle, following Zayn into the right room. "Nope, brought you your girlfriend." Zayn stated simply. "Even better." Ashton got up and pecked my lips, before pulling me down on his lap. I couldn't help but think about how Niall's lips had felt on my lips yesterday, soft and tender- shut it Melanie. 

"I missed you." Ashton whispered in my ear. I smiled and pecked his lips. "It suprises me you and Niall are still here, normally you would be at Maccas or something right now." Luke chuckled and I glance over at Niall nervously before shifting uncomfortable. "Yeah." Ashton chuckled. I shifted uncomfortably, focussing on Ashton's hand so that I wouldn't look at Niall. "Is something wrong babe?" Ashton asked and I shook my head no. "Well let's go then." Niall said and I looked at Zayn who I had told everything. He just nodded and since I didn't want anyone to know I got up and followed Niall. "We'll be back later and we're not bringing you food!" I yelled. Maybe it was just a one time thing, just the moment. Yeah that's it. 

"How can you even eat that?" Niall chuckled, looking at my salad in disgust. "Taste it." I told him with a giggle, taking some on my fork and sticking it out to him. He put his lips together and shook his head no. "Don't be such a baby." I whined. He sighed and took a bite of my salad.

"So did you and Zayn..." He trailed off and I gave him a confused look as we walked around with fans following us. "I saw you two enter the house last night." He stated and a lump appeared in my throat. "We didn't do anything..." I mumbled. "Than why did he leave in the middle off the night to get you?" I felt tears brim in my eyes. "My grandma died yesterday..." I mumbled and his face softened as he pulled me into a hug. "Did Ashton ignore you? I swear I'm going to kill him." Niall mumbled. "Why didn't you call me?" He asked, his voice sounding hurt and I could hear the girls screaming at how 'adorable' we were. "I didn't even call Ashton. I would have but you kissed me and I was really confused and I didn't want to call either of you." I whispered and he kissed the top of my head. "You can always call me, Mel. I'm here for you." He told me and I nodded. "Thanks." We pulled back from our hug and the fans approached us.

"You two are so adorable!" One squealed. "I really, really want you two together!" Everyone was yelling through eachother making it hard to understand everything since there were so many fans. "Niall I ship you with Melanie!" I heard a girl yell at the top of out lungs. "Don't tell Ashton!" Niall yelled back. "So do I!"

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