Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -


8. Concerts

I felt my cheeks heat up and bit my lip to stop myself from smiling. "What? Who?" Calum asked confused. "Just... someone." Ashton stated and I got up from the bed, sitting down in the chair behind Ashton's desk. And as if everything wasn't awkward enough the sound of a front door opening and closing was heard throughout the whole house. "Ashton! Melanie! We're back!" Anne Marie yelled and Ashton blushed bright red, quickly pulling up my shorts and taking off Ashton's shirt, pointing a finger at him as if telling him to wait. I put on my bra and crop top, together with my flannel and threw my hair up in a pony tail. I nodded at Ashton and he opened the door fully so that the boys could enter. 

"Hi Mel." Luke yelled, tackling me into a hug. "Lukeeee." I said loudly, hugging him back. "I see she explained to you." Michael said and Ashton nodded awkwardly. "Yeah." He stated. "Zayn told us earlier..." An awkward silence followed, but luckily my phone started ringing. "Hello?" I asked, answering almost emediatly. "Hey Mel." I smiled. "Hi Niall." I said and sat up. "What's up?" I asked him. "Wanna hang out? I'm bored and I'd like to hang out with my best friend." He chuckled "Ash is it okay if I hang out with Niall today?" I asked and Ash nodded. "Sure. As long as he promisses to stop stealing your food." I laughed and pecked his lips. "I'm gonna go home and shower. I'll see text you." I said and he nodded. "Yeah I can hang out." I said into the phone while making my way to my car. 


"Nialllllll!" I yelled and he jumped at my loudness before finally seeing me. He sent me a wave and jogged over to me, twirling me around. I let out a giggle and Niall let me down. "Wanna go shopping for tonight?" He asked and I raised an eyebrow. "What's tonight?" I asked him. "Are you not coming to our concert?" Niall asked faking hurt. "Of course I am. Sorry." I pouted, hugging him and he let out a chuckle. "Well c'mon." 


"Niall. I can't anymore. I'm tired and hungry and you keep ignoring me taking pictures with fans." I moaned and he laughed at me. He took my bags from my hands and turned around. "Hop on." He said and I giggled, jumping onto his back.


"Niall can we please have a picture?" A girl asked and Niall nodded. "Of course." He told her. Her friend took the picture. "I could take the picture so that you can all be in it." I said and the girls smiles became brighter. "Really? Thank you!" She squealed, handing me her phone which I took pictures with. 

"I really have to get ready now." I said glancing over at the time on my phone. "I'll walk you." Niall smiled and I nodded, smiling back as we started to walk towards my house which we soon arrived at. "I'll see you tonight." Niall said giving me a hug. "Yeah. Bye." I told him, sending him a quick wave as he walked off. 


"Good luck." I told Ashton, pecking his cheek before he walked onto the stage. I adjusted my bowler hat and let myself fall back down onto the couch in the dressingroom. Zayn sat next to me and Niall sat on the other side of me.

"You were amazing." I smiled, as Ashton pecked my lips and the other boys went to the stage. We watched the rest of the concert smiling until Ashton got a phone call. "We have to go." He pouted after having hung up. "That was our manager and he said we had to go home and go to sleep because we had to wake up early tomorrow." He explained and I pouted but nodded. "Bye." I said as they made they walked away.

"Where are the guys?" Liam asked and I explained it to them which they just nodded at. Niall suddenly grabbed my hat and ran away. "Niall! Come back!" I yelled, running after him. 

He suddenly stopped and I bumped into him, giggling while taking a step back. "Please give me my hat back." I said and he looked around awkwardly as if not hearing my question. "Niall." I whined and he looked back at me with a cheeky smile, holding the hat above my head, out of reach for me. 

I pouted at him and he let out a chuckle. He placed the hat on my head, but did something I hadn't expected. With his hand on the back of my head he pulled my head closer to his, pressing his lips onto mine. 

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