Postcards And Polaroids {16+} - sequel to 'My Step-Brother' -


22. Can't

"You're joking?" I asked raising an eyebrow. "Do I look like I'm joking?" He asked mimicking facial expression. "Well with a face like yours it's hard to tell." I sassed and he brought his hand to the, to him right, to me left part of his chest. "That hurt deep inside my heart." He faked a hurt expression. "Niall, your heart is on the other side." I bit my lower lip, trying to keep myself from laughing. Niall flushed red and changed the possition of his hand. "Well now that I've been so humiliated you have to dance with me." He stated and stuck out his lower lip. "Even if it is out of pitty." I smiled slightly. "Fine, but only out of pitty." I said and he smiled, taking my arms and letting them fall loosely against his shouders as he placed his hands low on my hip.

Me and Niall danced for a while when his eyes looked for mine, locking with them as he looked down at me. "You're beautiful." He stated and I blushed lightly, mentally punching myself for letting him get  reaction out of me so I just mumbled a thanks. "Why are you so distant?" Niall dared to ask and I abruptly stopped moving, letting go of him. "You're kidding, right?" I asked and the look on his face told me he was not. 

"You're the one with the girlfriend Niall." I said and he sighed. "I told you, Mel. She's not my real girlfriend." I rolled my eyes at him. "Than why are you so close? Not just in the bedroom last night. You can't just come to me whenever she's not here and you're bored Niall. I'm done with your stupidity."

With those words I was bound to walk away when he stopped me by grabbing my wrist. "Niall, I hate y-" Before I could finish my sentence he pressed his lips against mine and I kissed back for a moment before realising what I did. Niall had me completely under his spell and I needed to find away to break it. The first step to that I thought would be to pull back, so I did. "I really can't do this, Niall." I sighed before walking off, for real this time.

I'm sorry this chapter is short but I'm kinda really busy with school.

Okay not that I'm actually working on it since I'm on Tumblr. 24/7

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