Believe in your dreams

It's about a girl who's name is Candy, she is 17 years old. She live in Boston with her mom Jane. Candy have always dreamed about to be a singer, she have laid Videos were she is singing her favorite songs and one day she's being discovered by a famous person.....
If you wanna know who she being discovered by read the story:-) :-p



(Next morning)

I'm waking up by my phone is buzzing I got a message Scooter,

Hey Candy I'll be glad if you will come to the studio now sorry to wake you up but I have someone that wants to met you:) see you here Scooter:-)

I'm hurry taking some clothes on while singing Taylor Swift '22' I love to sing that song, I'm going downstairs to the kitchen taking an apple taking the keys to the car and jumping into the driver-seat and driving to the studio.

(At the studio)

I'm parking the car and going into the studio wondering who Scooter want me to meet, Justin is coming over to me "hey Candy I just want say I'm sorry" Justin is saying when Scooter and some other guy is coming over to us "Candy good you're here, this is Simon Cromwell he is One directions manager" Scooter is telling me "hi Mr Cromwell I'm Candy nice to meet you" I'm saying shaking his hand "nice to meet you to Candy, so listen One direction is going to play this concert on the local child hospital in New York will you warm up for them?" Mr Cromwell is asking I'm looking at Scooter and he is nodding "you don't have any other things to do and your carrier will come to the next level you'll be more popular" Scooter is saying " then I say that I'll love to warm up for One direction" I'm saying smiling "then I think you shall meet them" Mr Cromwell is saying and five boys are coming into the studio they're coming over to me "hey Candy I'm Naill we're glad you'll warm up for us at the concert" a blonde boy is saying "hey Naill I'm glad you want me to" I'm saying smiling, Naill is smiling back " ok 1D boys will you sing some songs so Candy know what she are going to sing to the concert" Mr Cromwell is asking without meaning it as a question, the boys are going into the sound box and singing every song from their new album and I can tell they are like REALLY good I'm clapping at them as the others are to "waow you are good and the songs.. Who wrote them?" I'm asking them, they are all looking back at the guy with curly hair "the most of the songs is wrote of Harry, oh and I'm Louis" Louis is saying smiling "ok amazing, Nice to meet you Louis" I'm saying shaking his hand "I'm Liam nice to meet you Candy" Liam is saying and I'm shaking his hand "and I am Zayn can we hear you sing now?" Zayn is asking "nice to meet you Liam and Zayn to, yes I'll love to sing" I'm saying moving into the sound box and singing a song I've wrote a little on.

You don't know how much its hurts

The words that you're telling me

You don't even know how many tears that I spilt on you

Oh oh I fell so bad for ya

Yeah I fell so bad for ya

Cause you never changing

No you never changing

No ohh yeah

When I'm done singing they're all clapping at me, I'm blushing "hey where did that song came from" the Harry guys asking waow he actually can talk to me haha "uh I wrote it but it's not done yet!" I'm saying the last part looking at the floor "that doesn't matter it's not finish it's a good song anyways" Naill is saying and I'm blushing good they can't see it cause of the dark that's going through the sound box.

We're having fun all day with singing and making fun of each other's "ok do you guys wanna see a totally weirdo pic of Candy and her BFF Camille?" Justin's asking I'm giving him the death glare but he don't see it but looking at his phone.

Justin's P.O.V

After I've asked Candy is giving me the death glare but I'm just pretending like I haven't seen it so I'm just looking down in my phone "Justin!" Candy is saying mad looking straight at me "what?" I'm saying like I don't get anything I mean I don't know why I'm showing the pic but I mean it's just for fun maybe it would be funnier with a video "no I think you should see a video Camille send to me" I'm saying and showing them a video where Candy and Camille are singing weird and dancing like idiots maybe I shouldn't show them it's not cool no I'm not cause I am cool, we're all laugh except of me, I'm looking at Candy but she aren't here and Naill aren't here either? I'm taking my phone in my pocket and going out to the elevator and punching the lobby button, the doors are closing and the elevator is going down.

Candy's P.O.V

I don't get Justin why is he embarrassing me I thought he liked me but I was wrong now I'm not telling him I'm pregnant I don't want this baby ok I'm just going to the hospital tomorrow and asking to get it out of me. And Justin can't know anything, I mean he's acting as a fool but he's not my boyfriend so he's not my problem "hey Candy where you going" a voice that sounds a lot as Naill's voice is saying "away from Justin" I'm saying when tears is coming up under my eyes "why?" Naill is asking taking me up at the wall (so I didn't go anywhere) "cause he embarrassed me!" I'm saying mad "no he didn't he embarrassed himself and his friend?" Naill is telling me I'm looking confused "but you laughed and Liam looked at while laughing?" I'm saying even more confused "you can ask Justin if you don't believe me see ya we're going home" Naill is saying hugging me goodbye "ok but Naill will you say bye to the others from me I can't when I'm looking like this cause they will just ask what's wrong?" I'm asking looking like I'm sad but I'm not I just don't want to run into Justin right now I can't believe I really thought he would embarrass me oh gard what did I think about I'm over to outside and some fans see me so I'm faking a smile, I don't want them to think I'm sad even that I am. "OMG you are Candy Summers" a girl with brown curly hair is screaming "OMG I love you so much" a blond girl with straight hair is screaming and a blond boy looking like he's sweet and my age is saying "you are a good singer and you're hot here" waow a player, I'm looking at the peace of paper he's holding out waiting for me to take it I'm taking it and writing a autograph on it and giving him it back then I'm hugging and snapping some pics with the other fans aww I mean how can't you love these fans they are waiting outside the studio for me at the night "I love you guys to thank you for everything hope to meet ya another day" I'm saying waving and getting inside my car in the driver-seat and driving home.

Justin's P.O.V

The elevator doors is opening, taking my hoddie up so you can't see my face I just wanna be alone I can just imagine Naill kissing with Candy but who cares I'm not if you think that actually I don't care who Candy is kissing with she's not my girlfriend. I see some girl walking alone it seems like she's waiting on some one so I'm walking up to her "hey why are standing here all alone?" I'm asking it seems like she get a shock when I ask.

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