Believe in your dreams

It's about a girl who's name is Candy, she is 17 years old. She live in Boston with her mom Jane. Candy have always dreamed about to be a singer, she have laid Videos were she is singing her favorite songs and one day she's being discovered by a famous person.....
If you wanna know who she being discovered by read the story:-) :-p


12. what does it mean?

Justin P.O.V

It's now a week since me and Candy kissed and we still friends, best friends. Like the things is right now I rather calling Candy my girlfriend and Selena my best girl-friend, "bieber!" Ryan's saying and with that taking me out of my thoughts, "whuts up?" I'm saying hiding my unsecure with a fake 'I'm cool' smile "Chaz won 10-19!" Ryan's saying making a 'mad face' I know he isn't mad cause you have to be bad if Ryan's getting mad " No way he didn't?" I'm saying laughing "yes way, I did yes that's right you loose I won over Justin Bieber in something yes" Chaz saying doing a victory-dance that reminding me about the day in Candy's house...

( it's now a year since I got a record deal)

Candy's P.O.V

Me and Camille's sitting in my room doing our hair and talking I have to tell her about the fact I kissed Justin for about a week ago. "Hey!:-)" Camille's suddenly saying throwing me out of my thoughts "hey! What?" I'm asking "we can ask your mom to drive us to Justin's house and ask him to come with us to the mall" Camille's saying "we can't he's with some of his friends" I'm saying faking a smile, she's just looking like 'oh gard you weirdo' in her face "we're just asking his friends to duh?!" She's saying smiling she's totally boys-sick I'm just rolling my eyes at her. " yeah uh about Justin-" I'm starting "yes what about him?:-)" she's asking "yeah we watched a movie here and we start to talk then I uh-" I'm saying why did I start to say this I mean she just want to play match-maker, " you what?" She's asking "uh I kissed him and I know it was wrong because he like Selena and I.. I just don't know why I did it?" I'm saying and I'm felling some tears on my cheek I don't know why I'm crying I just do, Camille's coming over to me and hugging me while saying it's okay and all some relaxin words.

(3 hours later)

"Mom will you drive us" I'm shouting while running downstairs into the kitchen where my mom's sitting drinking some coffee, " of course sweetheart where?:-)" my mom's asking with that 'sweet mom' voice "to Justin house:-)" Camille's saying before I'm reaching to answer "uh that sounds nice, what are going to do?" My mom'a asking curious "not much I think we just are going to the mall meeting some fans:-)" I'm saying smiling yes I got a lot of fans since the concert with Justin I also getting a Twitter account with 1,9 m follows. now you might think 'how can she get so many follows in only a month and an half' I'll tell you Justin tweeting and taking pictures and writing 'follow my new friend Candy_love1778'.

(In the car)

I'm turning up the radio when 'overboard' song I'm singing a duet with Justin, I'm tapping volume and me and Camille's singing like crazy. When we're singing the last words my mom's parking the car outside a HUGE house it might be Justin's. I'm kissing my mom on the cheek and walking up to Justin's house Camille's knocking on the door while I'm looking at my mom there's driving away again. We're just standing there smiling then I'm looking behind me and see some fans but maybe they won't see me, don't get me wrong I love my fans but I just don't want to be seen outside Justin Bieber's house "ARGH IT'S CANDY" they're shouting okay so they see me, I'm taking Camille's hand and running inside Justin's house...

Justin's P.O.V

I'm on my way to open the door when it's opening right in my face so I'm falling back, the door is closing fast or smashing fast " oh gard Justin! Are you okay?!" A known voice is saying I'm taking my hand to my head and opening my eyes and sees the one and only Candy Summers "I'm uh I'm fine" I'm saying and she's looking at me worried "come on Justin let me help you up" Camille's saying reaching a hand out to me I'm crabbing her hand and getting up, I'm looking at them confusing "I just have one question?" I'm asking "yes what?" Camille's asking smiling "who are you and where am I??" I'm saying looking even more confusing "no this just not happing, Justin Bieber can't remember anything!" Candy's saying panicking "yeah him Justin Bieber is so hot" I'm saying "uh you ARE Justin Bieber" Camille's saying looking straight at me, I'm hearing laugh from the TV-room uh maybe this is going to be fun so I'm going into Ryan and Chaz in the TV-room. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?" I'm shouting at Ryan and Chaz, Chaz is hurry standing up but Ryan is just keep playing and the girls is coming into us "Hey uh guys Justin can't remember anything so we need to get him to the hospital" Candy's saying.

Camille's P.O.V

Me and Candy is just standing looking at each other when we're hearing a voice shout "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?" Probably it will be Justin, we're running into the room the voice came from, it's a room with a BIG T.V Justin is standing looking at some guys we've never seen before, " hey uh guys Justin can't remember anything so he need to go to the hospital" Candy's saying looking worried but all the guys is doing is laughing their ass off even Justin? "Okay why are you laughing!?" I'm asking "cause Justin's pranking ya!:-D" the guy who standing up is saying "hahaha you should have seen your faces" Justin's saying trying not to laugh "haha it was sooo funny" me and Candy's saying at the same time while looking mad. Candy's going out of the room I'm about to follow her but she's telling me to stay here so I'm staying but Justin's following her.

Candy's P.O.V

Argh I'm so pissed right now that prank wasn't even fun not at all I'm sitting at the stairs in Justin's house just being pissed suddenly Justin comes and I'm about to go.

"why are you just going away?" Justin's asking confusing

"because that 'prank' in there wasn't funny at all!" I'm saying pissed

"I'm sorry it was just for fun I didn't through you would be so pissed about it" he's saying sounds pissed too

"Why are you pissed now!?" I'm asking not too much pissed anymore

"Because it was for fun and I-I don't like to see you sad" Justin's saying shyly

"Oh umh I-I don't know what to say" I'm saying and then I'm going upstairs but Justin's following me, I'm going into a room a big room with white walls, a guitar, a keyboard and a big black king size bed, " do you like my room?" Justin's saying "yeah it's cool" I'm answering slowly and taking a sit on the front of his bed, his taking a sit beside me "I haven't been truly honest uh I-I think you are the sweetest girl I've meet and the most beautiful girl I've seen.." Justin's saying wow had he felt like that all the time? "And I maybe haven't been totally honest to, you are sweet guy and cute.." I'm saying shyly and he's sitting closer to me and then kissing me! He's a good kisser "Candy Summers will you like to come with me on uh a date?" Justin's asking a bit unsecured probably cause he's scared I'll say no which I can do, "yes Justin of course!" I'm saying happy and kissing him then just hugging, "is everything okay in her.. wow" Camille's voice is saying in shock so I'm fast coming out off of Justin's hug "uh Imma let ya talk" Justin's saying going you out and probably downstairs to the others, "so are you his girlfriend now?" Camille's asking happy "no or I don't know I mean he kissed me but I don't know if it was just something he did or it means something?" I'm saying confusing "Candy it defiantly means something for him AND for you and you know that" Camille's saying sure at what she's yelling me "ok I gotta talk with him" I'm saying faking a smile.

Justin's P.O.V

I'm on my way downstairs back to the T.V room


Now my phone rings I just can't hang out with my friends just one day well I'm picking up my phone it's Scooter. SHIT I forgot!

Me: Whuts up Scoot-guy I'm saying nervously

Scooter: not good things kido, why aren't you in the studio?! He's saying sounds kinda mad

Me: I'm sorry I forgot it and I'm at my house

Scooter: it's cool but just come here and HURRY he's commanding

Me: I'm on my way bye

Scooter: see ya kido

I'm hanging up saying goodbye to Ryan and Chaz and running out of the door but Chaz and Ryan's staying they probably is eating all of my food in this very moment haha

(In the studio)

"That was fast good lets make a hit" Scooters saying when I'm coming into the little room, I'm going into the soundbox and singing as long as you love me in the melody I found.

As long as you love me

As long as you love me

As long as you love me


When I'm done singing Scooter and Dj Tay is smiling big which means they like it now there's growing huge smile on my face because I'm doing exactly what I love right now.


I'm looking at my phone "Candy's calling" I'm now looking on Scooter "can we take a break I need to take this?" I'm asking "yes of course" Scooter's answering I'm going out of the soundbox and then outside the studio, I'm picking up my phone

Me: hey Candy whuts up?

Candy: hey where are you?:-)

Me: I'm at the studio I forgot I should make a song finish

Candy: oh okay but can we talk one day

Me: yeah I'm calling you when I get home

Candy: fine with me see ya

Me:see ya

I'm hanging up and going inside again and into the soundbox. I know I kissed her but she kissed me first maybe she don't like me GARD how can I be such an idiot, why didn't I thought of that she just kissed me because then she can say kissed Justin Bieber how stupid can I be "what are ya thinking 'bout kido?" Scooter's asking "nothing let's record a hit" I'm saying faking a smile "no Justin, you not doing you best when you through full and sad we're stopping today okay?" Scooter's saying caring "I guess so" I'm saying sad and starting to walk outside "Justin do you want to talk 'bout it" Dj Tay 's asking " no but thanks Tay-jay" I'm saying and giving him a bro-hug then I'm going out to my car behind the studio. Driving home and when I'm home there's no one there I expected Ryan and Chaz to here but they are probably going with the girls to the mall or something how should I know.

Candy's P.O.V

Me and Camille is taking in the mall with Chaz and Ryan since Justin wasn't there. Right now we're sitting in macdonalds and laughing at Chaz he's trying to eat.. With his nose maybe or maybe he know what he's doing no matter what he's funny "Chaz I love hanging out with you you're so funny" Camille's saying and Chaz is smiling and taking the fries out of his nose " yeah I'm so funny ain't I? :-D" he's saying and we're all laughing without knowing why but yolo. Then we're done eating we are going out to Ryan's car and Chaz is holding the door for me aww gentleman byt I really need to think I'm still confused about me and Justin kissing thing and my house isn't long away from here "uh guys is it okay if I'm not driving with you?" I'm asking "but how do you come home then?" Camille's asking "I'm just going home it's not a long way home from here so uh see ya" I'm saying and starting to walk away "see ya" they're all shouting and then they're driving past me and waving to me I'm smiling to them, I've been going in 20 mins when I see Justin's house maybe I should go inside? No I'm not so I'm just walking past Justin's house. Maybe I should go back I mean I gotta talk with him about our kisses I thought, I'm moving back to Justin's house then I'm knocking on the door, Justin's fast opening it.

"Oh Candy uh hey" Justin's saying surprised

"Hi Justin good to see you to" I'm saying smiling

"Uh no it's just I thought you was Ryan" he's saying making a weak smile

"Oh:) May I come inside?" I'm asking

"Yeah of Course" he's saying

I'm going inside and Justin's closing the door behind, I'm going into his living room and taking a sit in his black couch the same does he, we're looking at each other in a long time but then he's fannaly saying something "so uh why did you come? Not that I didn't want you here uh you know what I mean" he's saying "yeah uh I just want to ask about uh.. The kiss?" I'm saying looking him straight in his beautiful hazel eyes "yeah uh I uh.." He's starting "you what?" I'm asking quietly "I like you, you're the one want to make my everything, I don't won't to see you sad you light up my whole world" he's saying "waow Justin I don't know what to say" I'm saying I can't help it but blushing "you do t have to say anything" he's saying and then kissing me passionately, he's lifting my legs up so I'm sitting on his wrist, he's caring me upstairs and into his bedroom without stopping the kiss he's laying me on the bed and taking off his t-shirt then mine, "Justin stop I'm not ready yet" I'm saying thinking that he's getting mad at me but he's not "ok that's fine" he's saying smiling. Now we're just laying in his bed kissing "does this mean you wanna be my girlfriend?" Justin's asking stopping the kiss "yes!" I'm saying kissing him again. I'm falling asleep in Justin's arms.

(In the morning)

Justin's P.O.V

I'm waking up by someone is moving in my arms I remember yesterday with Candy, I'm holding my arms tighter around her so she can't get out of my grab.

"Justin I gotta go" she's saying

"why?" I'm asking her and kissing her cheek

"I'm going home I shouldn't be here I'm sorry" she's saying sad

"What do you mean" I'm asking confused

"I mean I uh I should be in the studio" she's saying lying

"No you're not babe I can see you're lying" I'm saying with a smirk on my face

"Ok you got me but I'm going to take a shower" she's saying and getting out off of my grab on her wrist

"Hurry I need my boo" I'm saying and start to sing 'with you' by Chris Brown

"Yes I love you" she's saying and kissing my cheek

But I'm holding her

"Justin let me go?" She's saying lovely

"Aww babe no" I'm saying and start to kiss her,she's kissing back "I want you" she's whispering, I'm only in my boxers and she's only in underwear, I'm taking off of her bra and then her undies we're kissing I'm taking off my boxers. "Justin... aren't, going in the studio?" She's moaning "no" I'm saying fast.

-------skipping the sexsecne----------

Candy's P.O.V

That was amazing, Justin's amazing I'm looking at Justin and he's looking at me he's kissing my forehead and taking his boxers on "was it good babe" he's asking with a smirk "yes Justin I love you" I'm saying coved in Justin's quilt "I love you too" he's saying kissing my nose. I'm going to his bathroom and turning on the shower, I'm taking the quilt off my body and looking after something to brush my hair with and I'm finding Justin's brush I'm brushing my hair and going into the shower. 'Justin's so amazing' is the only thing I'm thinking oh no what will my mom say if she's asking where I was yesterday she's gonna freak and if she's asking what I was doing cause I can't tell me and Justin had sex I mean I'm being grounding to I'm as old as me grandpa and he's 80 okay okay relax I'm just telling her I slept with Ryan, Chaz and Justin but Camille wanted to go home I just have to talk with Camille first problems off. When I'm done showering I'm going out to see that I forgot my underwear. I'm looking out of the door and Justin's room is empty where did he go? I'm running out and taking my underwear from the floor and hurry back I'm taking it on and brushing my hair I'm starting to fell bad I'm running to the toilet and throwing up I guess Justin hearing it cause images running inside and holding my hair then I'm done throwing up I'm hugging him. "What happened?" Justin's asking carefully "nothing I'm good" I'm saying faking a smile cause I'm not felling good at all I fell like I can throw up every moment "no babe you're not come on you have to rest" Justin's saying caring me into his bed and laying me carefully down "thank you Justin" I'm saying " hey Imma here to protect you babe" Justin's saying and kissing my forehead then leaving the room "Justin?" I'm saying quietly "yes?" He's saying "stay here" I'm asking him he's coming to me and laying on the other side cuddling up with me. I'm waking up by my phone is ringing 'Camille's calling'

(Phone convocation)

Me: hey Camille

Camille: hey where are you?

Me: uh I'm at Justin's house

Camille: what? Did you do something!?

Me: what? No! Don't be so perverted!

Camille: ok sorry but are you coming home your mom is worried about you

Me: yeah but when I'm coming home please help me she's freaking out at me

Camille: why?

Me: cause uh I'm coming now see ya

Camille: see ya

(End of convo)

I'm getting out of Justin's grab, I'm hurry taking my clothes on and going out of the room when someone's taking my hand and up at the wall, Justin, of course, "where are you think you going" he's asking with smirk "I'm going home" I'm saying "why" he's asking looking me straight in the eyes "Justin I'm sorry I just have to go home" I'm saying and going downstairs "ok I get it!" Justin's shouting "what do you get?" I'm asking trying to calm him down "you just wanted me to fuck you and say 'I love you' just so you can laugh!" He's shouting "what?! No Justi-" I reach to say "no just admit I'm right!" He's saying and I'm about to cry but I'm holding the tears back "think what you want I don't care!" I'm shouting and with that I'm running out of his house, I'm running home .when I'm coming home I'm slamming the door and running upstairs to my room how can he just say that I would never do something like that and should know. My phone start buzzing I'm looking on it 'message from Justy' ouch what does he want maybe call me a slut or a bitch!

(Knock knock)

"Who is it" I'm asking crying "it's Camille are you crying?" She's asking "come in" I'm saying I really need to talk about this with someone who understands me, Camille's coming in and sitting beside me.

"what's wrong?" She's asking

"Justin said I just was with him so I could get into his pants and make him say he loved me" I'm saying whipping my tears away but there's just coming more "wait is he you boyfriend?" She's asking "no he was" I'm saying sad "but I know you and you would never be like that" she's saying trying to make me stop crying she's whipping my tears away. "Girls I have to go see you at 22:00 pm" my mom's saying "wait mom where you going?" I'm asking trying not cry again maybe it sounds a little of much crying but no one have ever said something like that to me I've always been the good girl who is never making any mistakes " honey I'm going on a shopping/no children day with Pattie and she's waiting outside see you" she's saying and kissing my forehead "see ya mom" I'm saying making a deal with myself no more crying over Justin he's not worth it and I'm just going to have a nice time with Camille.



The doorbell rings and we both are hurry downstairs and opening the door it's Chaz and Ryan.

"Hey guys" I'm saying surprised

"Hey Candy" Chaz is saying

"Hey Candy hey babe" Ryan's saying and kissing Camille on the Cheek

"Hey babe" Camille's saying obsisly to Ryan

"Are you dating?" I'm asking confused

"Yeah kinda you're not mad are us" Camille's asking

"Of course not" I'm saying and letting Chaz and Ryan inside

We going into the kitchen or Chaz and Ryan are going me and Camille's following

"So why did you came?" Camille's asking and kissing Ryan on the cheek

"we heard about you and Justin so we will make you happy Candy" Chaz is saying eating some blueberries my mom left on the table

"How?" I'm asking

"We are holding a party at our Ryan's house" Chaz is saying

"Ok great when?" I'm asking smiling a bit

"Now" Ryans saying

Me and Camille's hurry upstairs to find a dress Camille's wearing a black sexy dress and I'm wearing a blue dress "Candy you can't wear that you are single take this on" Camille's saying holding a white sexy dress I'm taking it on then I have it on I'm taking some natural make-up on we're making our hair. "PARTY!" I'm shouting when we're coming downstairs then I'm seeing the person I really DONT want to see now! "What's!" I'm asking "he's just taking with us to Ryan's house" Chaz is saying smiling "Ryan can I talk with you just a minute?" I'm saying and taking him into the living room before he's reaching to answer "what's he doing here!" I'm saying mad "uh Justin's going to the party" he's saying "but I'm not going with you if Justin is there" I'm saying "come on don't let him stop you from having fun just because he said something" he's begging "Ry I don't want to see him never again" I'm saying sad "I understand" Ryan's saying and we're going out to the others "I'm staying home, but have fun:-)" I'm saying Camille's hugging me "just call if you need to hang out" she's whispering in my hear "ofc bestie" I'm whispering back and they're going outside to Ryan's car but Justin's going out to another car probably his own.

(An hour ago)

I'm laying in there couch with my pj on, watching '17 again' I really love that movie it's my favorite of all time, I'm going out to the kitchen to get some food "urh" I'm saying felling sick I'm running upstairs to the bathroom, falling to the toilet and throwing up ok I was also throwing up yesterday and I never normally throw up something's wrong with me I gotta call Camille. I'm finding her number and calling her

(Phone convo)

Camille: hey what's up

Me: not much I just threw up

Camille: what?! I'm coming home are you ok

Me: I just threw up, don't come home I'm calling my mom and yes I'm ok

Camille: ok good are you sure I don't have to come home

Me: yes see ya

Camille: see ya

(End of convo)

I'm writing my moms number and tapping 'call' I'm telling her that I just threw up and asking her to meet me on the hospital. I'm going into my room and finding a cute top and some black shorts.

--------on the hospital---------

I'm going over to the desk where a doctor is stading looking in some papers, I'm laying my hands on the desk "hello can I ask you something" I'm asking "of course, we can talk at my office" the doctor is saying. I'm following him into his office it looks bored it's all white " so what do want to ask about?" The doctor is asking " it's just because I've throwed up the last days and I don't know why" I'm explaining frustrating "ok there can be to reasons numer 1 is you have eaten something that makes you throw up and number 2 you're pregnant I gotta check on you just lay down on this" the doctor is saying pointing to a hospital bed, I'm laying down at the hospital bed and the doctor is taking some cold gele on my stomach, " doctor what's that?" I'm saying shocked "it's a baby congratulations" the Doctor is telling me and I'm sitting with open mouth "no I can't be pregnant" I'm saying and starting to cry I mean my carrier is just started and I-I I just can't be pregnant...

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