Believe in your dreams

It's about a girl who's name is Candy, she is 17 years old. She live in Boston with her mom Jane. Candy have always dreamed about to be a singer, she have laid Videos were she is singing her favorite songs and one day she's being discovered by a famous person.....
If you wanna know who she being discovered by read the story:-) :-p


13. what am I gonna do

I'm walking out off of the Doctors office, calling mom I have to talk with her she's the only one who can make me calm down.

(Phone convocation)

Mom:hello sweetheart I'm sorry I'm not with you is something wrong with you? Mom is saying worried

Me: no nothing's wrong with me I'm saying nervous and crying

Mom: why are you crying sweetheart? She's asking still worried

Me: uh it's nothing uh I can't tell you in the phone I'm saying while whipping my tears away

Mom: it's ok sweetheart I love you are you home?

Me: no I'm sitting in a taxi love you to mom

Mom: ok see you then? Sweetheart

Me: uh mom I just need to laugh a little I think I'm calling Chaz, Ryan and Camille

Mom: ok sweetheart if you're happy I am, see you

I'm hanging up and waiting to the party is over then calling Camille I don't want to destroy, she is with Chaz and Ryan so I'm asking them to come over, Chaz and Ryan couldn't but that's actually fine with me because then Camille can help me with what to do. There aren't going many minute when Camille's here so I'm going out to the door, saying "hi" and hugging her longer than ever "hi Cand..." She's saying but stops when she see my face "what's wrong Candy?" She's asking I just "promise me not to tell anyone?" I'm asking her she's nodding and taking the arm around me "I'm pregnant and I don't wanna be not now not here!" I'm saying flipping out "hey I'm not telling anyone you're like my sister Candy" she's saying calmly I'm hugging her and whispering "and you're mine".

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