Believe in your dreams

It's about a girl who's name is Candy, she is 17 years old. She live in Boston with her mom Jane. Candy have always dreamed about to be a singer, she have laid Videos were she is singing her favorite songs and one day she's being discovered by a famous person.....
If you wanna know who she being discovered by read the story:-) :-p


3. the YouTube videos

"Mom!:-)" I'm saying while I'm going into the living room. "Yes sweetheart?" She's saying with a smile on her face, I'm guessing she already have read the message. " can I come to Atlanta? Please I'm going to record a song with Justin Bieber!?" I'm saying nervous for that she'll say no, " um if you want me with you.." She's saying " ofc! You're my mom!" I'm saying knowing she'll say yes "so yes! I'm so proud of you sweetheart" she's saying " thank you mom like a million times I'm going to tell Camile!" I respond. Camile is my best friend and we have a deal with telling each other everything. Running into the kitchen taking my laptop and then running upstairs into my room then laying me on my bed logging on Skype and calling her.

*Skype call*

Me: heey guurl!

Camile: heey!

Me: I have the best news ever!

Camile: whatz up!

Me: ya know my videos on YouTube?

Camile: yeah?

Me: soo this morning my mom came into the kitchen with my laptop!?

Camile: yeah

Me: and there was a message on twitter and um... You won't believe me when I say it!?

Camile: well maybe but just tell me!?

Me: ok.. The message was from Justin Bieber look. I'm saying and showing her my iPhone there's on Twitter

Camile: waow! So are you going to Atlanta?

Me: yes but you can come with there's holiday about a week and we are going to be in Atlanta in three weeks!?

Camile: I'll love to come with you! Buut I just have to ask my parents first:-).

Me: okay good:-)

Then Camiles mom's standing in her room. "Camile can I talk to you just a minute " Her mom's saying.

Camile: ok mom:-) bye Candy!

Me: bye Camile! See ya

*end of Skype call*

I'm log in on twitter to answer Justin's message,

I'm writing this:

"Hi Justin:-) I'll love to come to Atlanta and record in the studio with you! Do you really think I'm a good singer?"

I read it and then pressing 'send'. I'm going YouTube and hearing some of my own videos. "1 message from Justin Bieber" there's standing across the screen, I stop the video and go on Twitter to see what he write.

Justin write this:

"That's great!:-). No I don't think you're an 'good' singer.. I think you're an amazing singer. I'm glad you want to come to Atlanta. :-D

I'm reading it. I'm about to answer when my mom is coming into my room. " Candy sweetheart... I really need to talk with"...

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