Believe in your dreams

It's about a girl who's name is Candy, she is 17 years old. She live in Boston with her mom Jane. Candy have always dreamed about to be a singer, she have laid Videos were she is singing her favorite songs and one day she's being discovered by a famous person.....
If you wanna know who she being discovered by read the story:-) :-p


16. Patricia


The girl/ Patricia's P.O.V


"hey why are standing here all alone?" Someone behind me is asking and with that shocking me "oh I'm waiting for a bus or a taxi" I'm saying looking to my left side wow is that Justin Bieber? Ok Patricia stay cool he's just a normal person "so what's you name?" He's asking I'm looking at him "I'm Patricia and you are?" I'm saying joking with the last and we both are laughing "haha I'm Bieber Justin Bieber but you can call me Justin B" he's saying sounds like Bond James Bond Oh my gard "uh I rather call you Justin without the 'B'" I'm saying laughing

------Awkward silence-------

I'm looking at my phone when I see it's turned off by low battery "coo!" I'm saying "what is it?" Justin's asking "my phone has turned off" I'm answering he looks like he's thinking "hey you can just drive with me when Kenny comes?" Justin's saying "yes Really? And who's Kenny?" I'm asking "of course and Kenny is my security ninja" Justin's answering I'm nodding and Justin is taking his phone and calling someone I don't know who "Kenny are you coming.. Oh ok.... Yep... Oh I can see you bye" Justin's saying and hanging up then there is coming a black car, Justin's opening the door for me "thanks" I'm saying and sitting down in the middle seat and Justin's taking the seat left side of mine "so where do live?" Justin's asking "oh I live in California but I'm here in Atlanta with my boyfriend and his family" I'm saying faking a smile "but then why Were you stranding all alone?" Justin's asking looking confused " me and my boyfriend got in a fight and I just couldn't bare to look at him cause he said some idiotic stuff" I'm saying holding the tears in I don't wanna cry in front of Justin I don't know him "oh but where shall we drive you?" Justin's asking caring "uh you know what I just gotta talk with my boyfriend so just drive me to this address" I'm saying and giving him a note with the address on, he's giving the address to the Kenny guy "you are going home Patricia now" Kenny is saying and me and Justin is just talking all the way to the Hotel my boyfriend, me and his patents a living on I'm looking out of the window "it's here thanks for everything" I'm saying opening the car door and waving when they are driving again.


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