Believe in your dreams

It's about a girl who's name is Candy, she is 17 years old. She live in Boston with her mom Jane. Candy have always dreamed about to be a singer, she have laid Videos were she is singing her favorite songs and one day she's being discovered by a famous person.....
If you wanna know who she being discovered by read the story:-) :-p


18. never let you go

Candy's P.O.V

I'm going downstairs when I hear the door close "mom are you here?" I'm shouting looking around but then I'm going into someone that for sure isn't my mom "oh sor- Justin?!" I'm saying surprised "Candy why were your mom so mad?" Justin is asking, I'm just ignoring his question and going into the living room, Justin is following me "Candy?!" Justin is saying grabbing my hand and taking me up at the wall "whats going on?" he's saying caring "nothing you have to worry about Justin!" I'm saying mad, Justin is just learning foreward and kissing me gently he is licking my lips for his tongue to get entrance into my mouth I'm letting him. I think he got some kinda spell  on me that does so I can't be mad at him even that I´m really mad. I'm stopping the kiss Justin is looking confused at me "This isn't good" I'm saying going away from him "but we just, I thought you liked me?" Justin is saying confused aww he is so cute when he is confused NO stop its never gonna be me and Justin "Justin we should focus on our carrier K?" I'm saying he nodding and then his phone is calling, he is picking up "hey Scoot, yeah, cool, I'mma be there in five, see ya" he is hanging up "who was it?" I'm asking "Scooter, we gotta go now he got big news" Justin is saying he doesn't seem hurt but I know he is I mean if the one I liked told me to stop having feelings for him I would be hurt to. we are driving to the studio in Justin's car.


------Awkwardly silence------

I'm looking on my phone '1 message' I'm unlocking my phone to see who it is 

*From Unknown To Candy <3*

hey Candy its Niall how are you? 

I'm writing the number into my contacts as 'Niall' then texting back

To Niall from Candy <3

Hey Niall I'm good how 'bout you?


I'm reading it to make sure it's ok then sending it and unlocking my phone "who was that" Justin is asking I'm butting my lip "it was Niall" I'm saying "oh is he you boyfriend? Not that I care" Justin is saying "no? We are just friends and by the way if he was then I would not tell you" I'm saying mad, looking out of the window and seeing that we're outside the studio so I'm getting out of Justin's car and running inside(it's raining) I'm taking the elevator up to the '2 floor studio B' when I'm opening the door a girl with long light brown hair is talking with Scooter "hi Candy, this is Ariana and she wants to do a duet with you and she already wrote the song" Scooter is telling me "oh great nice to meet you Ariana" I'm saying smiling and Ariana is hugging me "nice to meet you to Candy what a lovely name you got" she is saying "oh thank you" I'm saying looking down cause I do not like my name to well it's a little girl name

(A half hour later)

We starts to sing the last verse of our duet when Justin comes in "sounds good girls" Justin is saying smiling me and Ariana goes out of the recording-box "thank you Bieber" Ariana is saying hugging Justin "thank you" I'm saying without even looking at Justin "uh Scooter I was wondering what the good news is you said you had good news for the both of us?" Justin is asking "oh yeah Justin I booked you to play on Madison Square Garden and Candy you are going to warm up for him" Scooter is saying holding his hands on his ears while me and Ariana is jumping and screaming in circle "thanks Scooter you are like the best manager ever!" I'm screaming hugging him "you're right I am" Scooter is saying laughing "thanks Scoot" Justin is saying bro hugging Scooter "you're welcome" Scooter is saying looking at Justin "Justin you seems sad" Scooter is saying looking at us like 'can you go out', me and Ariana is going out and into studio A "hey studio A is like studio Ariana haha" I'm saying I don't know why I'm laughing I just is? "Haha yeah and studio B is studio Bieber" Ariana is saying and I'm just looking down without laughing not even smiling "hey? What's wrong Candy" Ariana is asking "nothing.. It's ok" I'm saying going into the recording box "Candy I can see something up" Ariana is saying "no I'm ok" I'm saying finding the lyrics to our duet and starts to sing "come on.. Tell me" Ariana is saying going into the recording box and taking the lyrics out of my hands "OK if you promise NOT to tell anyone" I'm saying looking straight at her she is nodding "good.. I think I like Justin but.." I do not reach to say more when Ariana starts talking "that's amazing!" Ariana is saying happy "No it's not.. I told him that we should just focus on our carrier" I'm telling her "oh why.. You like him" Ariana is saying hugging me "please don't tell him" I'm saying Ariana looks wired "I already know" a know voice is saying Justin, I'm turning around SHIT NO "Justin's not.. Please just leave me alone" I'm saying taking my bag and the lyrics from Ariana's hand "listen.. Candy I can't just forget about you, you're special" Justin is saying "see ya" I'm saying hugging Ariana and kissing Justin on the cheek.










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