Believe in your dreams

It's about a girl who's name is Candy, she is 17 years old. She live in Boston with her mom Jane. Candy have always dreamed about to be a singer, she have laid Videos were she is singing her favorite songs and one day she's being discovered by a famous person.....
If you wanna know who she being discovered by read the story:-) :-p


8. I'll get you

Justin's P.O.V

We're sitting in the limo as the same as we drived out to the studio the teens in one room of seats and the adults in the other. No one is saying anything, Candy is sleeping and Camille is on her phone so I logging in to Instagram and recording a video.

The video sounds like the:

Heey my amazing Beliebers I just wanna say I love you guyz so much and thank you for helping me living my dream love ya.

I'm adding the lyrics "never give up your dreams love you guys" my Beliebers means the world to me I'll never disappoint them NEVER!

"Aww" Camille's suddenly saying

"What?" I'm asking raising my eyebrow

"Candy is sleeping at your shoulder!" she's saying

"And?" I'm asking

"And it's looking cute you would be a great couple!" She's answering

"Oh um I don't know" I'm saying and feels like there's getting warmer

"AWW YOUR BLUSHING" she's saying that loud as Candy's waking up

"Why are you shouting?!" Candy's saying with a 'morning voice'

"JUSTIN is..." She's saying before I'm taking my and over her mouth

"You was? What?" Candy's asking suspecting

"Nothing!" I'm saying still with my hand at Camille's mouth I don't want her to say anything that would be so awkward.

Candy's P.O.V

I'm waking up by Camille's shouting. "Why are you shouting!" I'm saying trying to real waking up "JUSTIN IS...." She can't reach to say more before Justin is taking his hand over her mouth I'm guessing it was some I'm not going to no "you was!? What?" I'm asking looking like a question, "nothing!" Justin's saying fast still having his hand on Camille's mouth " what is it come on tell mee!" I'm begging but Justin sacking his head and after Camille's doing the same as a no, I'm taking my headphones to hear music "what's your favorite song?" Justin's asking "umh I think it's man in the mirror by Michael Jackson he's a legend! What 'bout you?" I'm saying with a smile " I'm changing but Michael Jackson is absolutely my favorite artist" Justin's answering and I start to smile. We just sit there without saying anything to we got there, it's a big and I mean BIG house "is it our house " I'm asking Scooter when I'm out of the limo "yes Justin brought it for you then you said yes to come" he's answering "oh Justin thank but you didn't-" I'm reaching to say before Justin stops me "hey I'm just that kinda person;)" he's saying I'm smiling at him and going into the house that Scooter just unlocked, "wow it's big!" I'm saying surprising and going upstairs at the glass-stairs, to find my room. My room is right in front of Camille's so that's great.

A month after with a contract

After a long day me and Camille's sitting in the couch just taking

Camille: uhh someone here have a lover and it's not me so it might be you

Me: what who??

Camille: I can't say I promised him I would not tell you

Me: okay now I know it's a him! :-D

And we both start laughing, when the doorbells ringing I'm going to the door to see who it is.

Me: oh hi Justin

Justin: hey you guys wanna hang out?

Me: hmm I don't know we're kinda tired you know after the singing and the long limo trip so maybe another day? I'm saying nicely

Justin: uhm yeah sure bye

Justin's going back to his limo and sit in it then driving, I'm going back to Camille who is still sitting in the couch.

Camille: who was it?

Me: Justin:)

Camille: okay if you are tired go upstairs and get so sleep I'm just staying down here

Me: uh okay could you hear what I said out there?

Camille: yes

Me: ok Night:-)


I know she's up to something but I'm to tired to find out. I moving upstairs on my new room, and falling back in my bed then falling asleep.

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