3. Chapter 3

Rubys Pov

This week has flown by so quickly. Today is Friday, and I'm getting ready until Niall could pick me up so we could go to the party. The past week, nothing was new. I continued to hang out with my new friends, and I did occasionally talk to Harry. He was charming. A bit rude at times, but charming. We both had Math, and Drama together. He wasn't that smart, but to be honest, he did know how to act. I guess he lies a lot, since good liars, are good actors, and vice versa. 


I picked out a short black dress, but it wasn't that short. Only right above my knees. I wore some black heels with them. I curled my hair, and applied some make up. I think I'm dressing up too formal for this. I decided to take off my heels, and put flats on for two reasons. One, they weren't comfortable. Two, it would less formal without the heels. Honestly,  I liked how I looked like today.

I heard a car honk. That must be Niall. I went downstairs, and opened the door to my house. Thank god my parents were out of town, or else they would have never allowed me to go. I was now inside the car, and Niall was just staring at me. I coughed to catch his attention. "oh, uh you look amazing Ruby." I blushed and mumbled a thank you. Before I knew it, we were at a normal sized house. I could see the cars parked up all around the house. 

Niall and I went in; as usual he opened the door for me acting like he's a gentlemen. As soon I stepped in the house, I could see people sucking their faces off, other getting drunk. Typical. "Do you want anything to drink?" Niall asked

"Nah, I'm good." I said, since I was't legal. I like to play by the rules. Bang Bang by came on. This is probably my favorite dub step "song". I wanted to dance, but it was too awkward for me to dance alone. Niall finally came with a red cup filled with beer in his hand. I dragged him onto the dance floor, not able to contain my craving of dancing. If that even makes sense. I started dancing next to Niall, and let me say, that we weren't the best couple dancing. Wait, we aren't a couple, though I wish that we were. No, we're just friends. I don't want to ruin our friendship after I just got it back. After the song was over, I walked back to the back of the room, with Niall still holding my hand.

Do you know that feeling when you can tell that someone is staring at you? yeah I got that. I searched the room to find out who it was. I finally found Harry looking at me. How do I know his name? Try to remember that he's in both my math and drama class. I looked away when our eyes locked. I shifted my attention back to Niall. Now he was the one staring. I coughed and he snapped back to reality. 

An hour into the party, a guy called in a game of the classic truth or dare. Niall wanted to play, so I guess I was playing too. We got into s circle, and I was sat next to him. We played it kind of like spin the bottle. Who ever have the top of the bottle would ask the person that had the bottom of the bottle facing them. After a few minutes later, the bottom of the bottle faced Niall, which meant it was his turn to be asked or dared. Of coarse, he chose dare. The next thing that was said shocked me. "I dare you to kiss the person on your left for a whole minute. If you break apart, you have to do it all over again." Guess who was on his left? Me. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine. I could feel the fireworks. I heard the people's "ooh"s while someone was counting. I loved that kiss so much it was so soft. Suddenly  heard someone in the group circle saying "60". I didn't wanna let go and neither did he. I could feel it when we were kissing, we stayed together for 2 more seconds. I had to break the kiss eventually, so I did now. We played the game till it got late. I could see Niall with the corner of my eye looking at his watch.

"It's getting late. Wanna head back home?" He asked. I nodded and got up from the floor. The car ride was silent. The comfortable silent, not the awkward kind. He dropped me off at my house, and walked my to my doorstep. Can he be more of a gentlemen?

"I had fun tonight" I commented. 

"Yeah, so did I" He replied. I could feel us getting closer each second. His eyes kept shifting from my eyes to my lips, almost asking me for permission. I didn't do anything, instead I let is keep going. It got to the point where he was about an inch away from my face, and our eyes were shut. His lips gently kissed mine. They were so soft. The fireworks were exploding again. We pulled apart seconds after, and stared into each other's eyes. I broke our stares, and kissed his cheek and said goodbye, closing the door behind me. I watched as he got into his car from the window, and waited till he was out of sight. 

Today was eventful. Very eventful. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sorry for the wait! I had exams. :/ Its short, sorry, but its still a chapter? let me know what you think! xxx

Twitter: @sprinkleoharry 


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