2. Chapter 2

I remember the last time Niall and I talked. It was just before he left to Austrailia. It was 4 years ago, we were both 13. It was about something very stupid. I got my first boyfriend, Josh, but he didn't like him. He kept begging my to break it off with him, but I wouldn't approve. He got really mad, and the next day, he punched him in the face for some unknown reason. Josh wouldn't tell me what happened, and I wasn't presesnt during the fight. Never in my life have I ever talked to him again after that day, until today of coarse. A few weeks later, and Josh broke up with me. My first ever heartbreak. Believe it or not, I only had 1 other boyfriend after him. No one else but these two. In case you were wondering, I was 15 when I dated the second one. I can't even remember his name! 

Sooner than later, I was on the steps of my house. It was a short walk, not that long. At lunch today, I sat with my new friends. They're actually really cool. I got all their numbers. They insisted on saving them themsleves, so of course, they saved it as weird names. I went up to my room, normally this time, and unlocked my phone. I checked the contacts to see what they saved them as. 

Nikita. Of course, thats Nikita.

Hayles. Thats Hayley

An. Anna

Sam. Samantha

DiDi. Thats probably Diana

Good thing it wasn't a really weird name. Before I could set my phone back down, it started ringing. Nikita. I forgot I gave her my number. 

"Hey hey hey!" She speaked into the phone. Shes always so cheerful, not that that's bad.

"Hi" I replied to her.

"So, did you see what happened with Katherine and Stacey at lunch?" She speaked like we've been friends for a lifetime. 

"I don't really know who they are...." I said awkwardly. There was a 30% chance of me knowing anoyone at school, considering it was my first day.

"Oh, aha sorry! I forgot you were new. Sorry my bad. So Katherine is like the goody goody, and Stacey is the bad girl in 12th grade. So they got into this fight because Katherine commented about her, and stuff. Turned into a whole catfight." Nikita talked on and on. Before I knew it, it was 5 o'clock. Almost time for dinner. I walked downstairs to see my mom cooking food.

"Isn't that a bit too much?" I asked, looking into the pot of her infamous chicken casserole. 

"Oh, the Horans are coming over. Did you know that they moved back? I met Maura today. She was at the cafe I go to." I just nodded, but inside my head, I was thinking about how awkward it would be for Niall and I. We haven't talked in ages, besides this morning of course.

"What time are they going to be here?" I asked, mostly so I should know when to get ready.

"About an hour from now" That gives me enough time to get ready. I know I was wearing and outfit already, but it was from school. Niall saw me in it this morning. Why should I care anyways? Whatever, I just wanted to pass time. I picked out a floral sun dress, and some sandals. Casual, but pretty. I curled the ends of my hair, and put it in a half up-do. I decided to wear a bow in my hair today. I think it looked cute.

I heard the doorbell ring, and went downstairs to get the door. I got there before my mom did. Once the door was partially open, there stood Niall in a button up shirt, and jeans. I guess thats as dressed up as he will get. I didn't realize that I hadn't opened the door wide enough for him to come in. He coughed, signaling the wait. I snap back to reality and opened to door more and mumbled a come in. His parents were still at the car, Bobby, his dad was doing something in the car, and Maura, his mom was nagging him to get out. I mentally laughed at them. They finally came inside, and I was the first one to greet them. "Hello Maura, hello Bob" I was used to calling them Maura and Bob, I don't think i'll ever go back to calling them Mr. and Mrs. Horan. 

"Hey sweetie! Haven't seen you in so long! How many years was that?" she asked no one in particular. 

"Four years" I said. I let go of the hugh and went to hug Bob. 

"Thats a long time" Bob said.

"Yeah, yeah it is" I replied. Before I knew it, we were at the dinner table, making small talk. My dad was sitting at the head of the table, my mom was sitting on the first seat, closest to dad. I was sitting next to my mom. Across from me was Maura, and Bob was sitting next her. Niall was the farthest from the head. He was sitting next to his mother.

They kept talking, while serving themselves some food. I could hear what they were saying, but didn't talk. "Do you live far from here?" mom asked. 

"No, not really. Its just a few blocks away" 

"Really? Thats great!" she continued "You and Niall can play with each other like old times." She directed the last part to me.

"Mom, we don't play. Its called hanging out." I said 

"Okay" she huffed "then go hang out"

"Yeah we should" Niall interrupted the conversation. I just smiled and nodded. When we were all done with our food, Niall came up to my room after me. I didn't even need to invite him, he just invited himself. "Nice room" 

"Thanks" I said. He slumped down on my spinning chair, and started spinning around. 

"Can you please stop it?" I asked, obviously annoyed.

"Why? you don't like it?" he smirked and kept going. 

"Oh my go- please its making me dizzy" I said, even more pissed now. 

"fine, chill" He stopped, finally. Both of us were silent. I went onto my laptop, and he was on his phone. He was the first to speak up. "so I made this friend, and he's having a party this friday. Care to join me?" I was too busy on my laptop to figure out what he had said. 

"Huh?" I snapped my head to his direction. 

"Never mind" he said.

"No, no please tell me. I hate it when people tell me something, but then say never mind." He chuckled.

"Same as old times, yeah?" I blushed. "Okay, so my friend is having a party this Friday. Wanna be my date?" He said. I chocked on my own breathe. "oh my god no. Not date date, like date as is wanna go with me. I don't wanna date you" That stung a little. "Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. Oh my god I'm so sorry" She laughed. 

"Yeah, sure. I'd love to be your date" she put air quotes around the word date.


Niall POV:

Wow, I'm such a fool. What can I do? She makes me nervous. I just like her, okay? Always have liked her since we were young. Why do you think I would freak about that Josh guy? I just didn't want anyone to have her except for me. I called dibs, and everyone should know that. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sorry this took so long! I have exams and I squeezed a chapter in. Also, sorry that its short I just don't have that much time. Thanks for reading!!! 



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