1. Chapter 1

"Higher!" I shouted as I felt someone push my back. It still wastn't high enough. "I SAID HIGHER! ITS NOT FAST ENOUGH! I NEED IT TO BE SO FAST!" I shouted to Niall. He was pushing me on the swing set at the playgorund. I'm Rosie and i'm 6. Niall is also 6 but he's bigger by 4 months. He was born in September and I was born in May. We've been best friends since we were born. Our parents are friends. He is a really nice boy, but I can't like him becuase boys have cooties! It's disgusting! I have brown hair that is until my shoulders. Its very wavy. I also have brown eyes. They are so dark; unlike Niall. He has blue eyes, but he also has brown hair like me.

"Thats enough Rosie. It's my turn to ride on the swing!" Niall whined like the 6 year old he is. He can be really annoying sometimes. I hate him but I love him, like a friend. He's really sweet, but really annoying. I jumped off of the swing still going fast. I loved to do that. It made me feel like I could fly like a bird, or a fairy, yeah, a fairy is better. It made me feel like a fairy. Fairies are so pretty. Mum says that they have a little world above earth like tinkerbell. I want to go there, or make them come here and I can see them. I want to be Wendy, and see tinkerbell and all of her friends. 

Niall was now on the swing, and I was pushing him. I'm a girl so i'm not as strong as Niall. So he has to help me by swinging his feet up and down. I can do that too, but it makes me tired. When mum calls us inside for dinner, I get sad because I want to play more. She says I can play again later. When I finish my spagetti, I run again to the swing, but Niall gets on first. He is faster. I want to become fast like him, or like the people I see on TV where they run around grass. When it gets really dark, mum says we have to go sleep. Niall is sleeping over today. I like it when we sleep over at each others houses. When mum says we have to sleep, we just talk and play small games. Mum thinks we are asleep but we're not. Silly mum. When i'm tired, I say goodnight to Niall and he says goodnight too. We both sleep on the floor in out sleeping bags. Sleepovers are the only time I can sleep in my sleeping bags. I love them. They're like a blanket around your whole body. It's a bit big on me becuase mum says I have a small body. I close my eyes and count sheep to try to sleep.




The first thing I heard waking up, is my alarm clock. It was second best day of the school year, the first is, ofcourse, the last day of school. Today was the first. I always wake up an hour earlier than everyone else so I can go jog for a bit. I set out a worn-out t-shirt and stretchy pants. I washed my face first, then did my other morning things. I put my hair up in a ponytail, and quickly wore my outfit for the next hour. While putting on my socks and shoes, I remembered to take me phone and headphones for the run. I would never know how to run without music. It was impossible for me. May be a bit weird, but I just couldn't run without music. I jogged down the stairs and opened the door. When I went out, the sun was barely rising. It was a bit dark, but light enough for me to see everything infront of me. 

As I jogged, I stopped to take my breathe. I was really out of shape. I wasn't your typical toothpick skinny girl, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I was nothing like that. I was average sized, although I am trying to loose some weight. I would have never waken up that early for nothing. When I make a commitment to myself, I need to achieve it. I had really dark brown hair, almost black, and hazel eyes. When I was little, they were grey. I used to sometimes go into my parent's room in the middle of the night, and my mum would think I was a cat. At least that's what she told me. 

When the sun was shining up, I started to head back home so I wouldn't be late for school. I would be late if i didnt start heading back now. I really hate running, but what other way can I lose weight? 

Once I reached home, I went upstairs in 'gorilla mode'. When I was at the top, my mom was staring down at me. That's just embarrassing. I stood up normally, and walked very slowly with an awkward smile on my face. I walked backwards into my room, still staring at my mother. I was stopped by something hard hitting my head. This couldn't get any more awkward. I just turned arounf and went into my room. I could hear my mom laughing from inside. I picked out a simple white crop top and jean shorts that went up to my knees. For shoes, I couldnt decide whether to wear white sandlas, or white vans. I decided with sandals because it was hot out today. 

After my shower, I put on the outfit I chose earlier. Once that was on, I topped off my outfit with earings and bracelets. I dont usually dress up like this for school, but it was the first day. I need to make a good imperession on people. Espessially that i'm new to this school.

I finally went down stairs to be greeted by my parents. My father was eating breakfast, the only time he is not eating, is when hes watching TV, and even then he has a bag of snacks. I guess I get that appetite from him. My mom scooped me some waffles and I added caramel syrup, to even make it more sweet, I put sprinkles  ontop. You could say I have a sweet tooth. People don't really think that the sprinkles are neccessary, but I just love sprinkles. They were the chocolate kind, not the rainbows. Although I prefer the rainbows. My family ate in silence. That is how it usually is. 

Once I was done with  my food, I placed my dirty dish in the sink, and grabbed a to-go cup. I poured some coffee inside. I dont really like coffee, but I drink it for two reasons. One, it makes me look cooler, and two, I need something to keep me awake, although I think all the sweets I ate this morning will do, I like to be extra hype. I drank a sip, and unfortunatly, burnt my tounge. To make it worse, it wasnt that good. I tried to add in sugar, but I ended up with 5 spoons. I was about to put more, but my mother spoke up. "Ruby, I think that is more than enough, it'll taste really bad"

"but it already tastes bad" I whined

"then why do you drink it?" She asked sacrcasticlly. 

"It makes me look more responsible" I mumbled so she could barely hear, unfortunatly she did and started laughing. I ignored her and just say goodbye and left. I had to walk sinice I have not car, and no friends yet to pick me up. 

It was a sunny day so I think it was okay to walk. I dont think it was as hot as I expected. I knew the way to school. My dad showed it to me once, and I have to say, I have a good memory when remembering roads. Thats it. Only roads. I'm not that good in remembering other things. 

Once I got to school, I was a bit early. It was 7:50 and school startes at 8:10 so I had 20 minutes to spare. I didn't know anyone, so I went up to the office to get my schedule. On my way up, I saw a face that I recognized. It can't be. He left to Australia a a long time aog. Why did he come back? It was my ex-best friend, Niall. We were friends since we were very little kids. I remember us taking baths together. That was awkward wasn't it? I kept my head low and walked fast. Too bad he caught me. "Are you running away from me?" He asked, his voice the same as I remember it, but a bit manly-er.

"Niall?!" I tried to play dumb and pretend I didn't know he was there. "When did you come back?" I asked

"Uh, the begining of the summer. Long time no see" He said. He's gotten much cuter. Puberty did him good. RUBY! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! 

"So you dyed your hair?" I say trying to avoid the thoughts in my head. I noticed his hair is blonde now.

"Yeah! I did!" He said while ruffling his own hair. "So? what have you been up to?" He asked changing the subject fro him, to myslef. 

"Nothing?" I answered, it came out like a question. "You?" This is getting really awkward.

"Nothing" He mimicked me.  

"Well, nice seeing you again!" I tried to leave. "I know I'll be seeing you around so bye" Oh go I miss niall so much. Is it weird that i think he's hot? Ew, Ruby what the frick are you thinking?! I ignored my thoughts once again and continued walking to the office. 

"Hello?" I softly said to ther reseptionist. She just looked at me with a non-emotion face. That's kinda rude isnt it? But who doesnt feel the same? It's Monday morning. "My name is Ruby? Ruby Smith? I'm here to get my school schedule." I simply stated. She nodded and looked through some papers. Once I guess she didn't find it, she looked through her laptop, that was already open. I heard some typing, then a printer running. She must be printing it. She reached over her desk, to reach the printer and handed me a paper. "Thanks" I said and walked away. She didn't even say thank you. Rude much? 

I looked down to the piece of paper in my hand. I have math first thing on a Monday morning. How amazing! Please note my sarcasm. It was in B block, room 43. Once I got to the B block, I looked down at my phone, to look like I was cool enough to have friends texting me. But how could I? It's only my first day. I bumped into something while walking, and almost fell back, but arms held me from falling. Well now I know it was a person. 

"I'm so sorry" I gushed. 

"It's fine, but watch where you're going next time" He said, winked, then left. He's gorgous. Curly hair, which I love one guys, and green eyes, which I also love. I was left alone in the middle of the hallway, dumbfounded, staring at a guy I had just met walking away from you. I wanted to go after him and ask him where my class was to talk to him more. Well I actually lost, I wasn't looking for an excuse, but I think that's looking too desperate. 

On the other hand, I did found a group of girls. They looked like those cliques in the movies, walking all together.  

"Hey?" I said, that came out more of a question. They looked up at me and smiled 

"Hi!" One of them said too cheerfully for a Monday morning.

"Umm, I was wondering if you know where this class is? Oh, and my name is Ruby" I said, pointing to the class I had on the paper in my hand.

"Yeah, I do. I have the same class next." Another one said with cute round nerdy glasses "and by the way, my name is Nikita, this is Samantha, Sam for short" She pointed to the girl with the  glasses " Anna" to the girl with brown hair, but ombrè "Diana" she pointed to a girl with black hair with green and blue ends "Haley" to a blonde one. "oof that was a lot of introductions" She joked. "come 'ere. It's at the end of the hall. I'll walk you" She said and started walking, linking her arm in mine. Who knew it was that easy to make friends.

Once I reached the end of the hallway, I placed my bag on the floor, and started walking back to Nikita, that was a few meters away waiting for me, with her other friends. 

"So, Ruby. How long have you been in England?" Sam, I think, asked. 

"Well, since mid-summer. I'm Irish. I  lived my whole life in Ireland" I said. 

"Cool! I've always wanted to go to Ireland, even though it's very close. I've never been there." Anna said.

"It's very nice actually. Lots of greens" I replied. Before I knew it, I was engaded in a conversation with all of them. The bell had rung and Diana shouted over the bell.

"I like you! You should sit with us at lunch" I just gave her a thumbs up. First class in school, here I come



Heyyyy! Hope this was a nice first chapter! I'm Jemma, writer and editor. I know this was a bit boring, but hold on its only the beggining. I promise there will be drama, and comedy, and MAYBE a little of action, so just keep reading. 

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