From Normal to Vampire

Is about a girl her name is Elena, she is 16 years old. Her crush is a vampir, she know it beacuse Elena was in a hospital and his crush sister tell her that that she was a vampire. Then Elena have to choose between died or alive?
Elena and Jack fall in love and maybe the will be togther
the are going to fight with the eneimies....
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2. Incident!


"Jack wait" I said. "No I don't want to do this anymore Becca" did Jack say. "What do you mean jacki" I said. "Don't call me Jackie!!, we are done" did Jack say "What! Why?" I said. "Because you are to evil and.." Did Jack say "ahh so you are in love whit that nerd what was her name, Elena" I said. "Get it in hell" did Jack say and just walk away, "Becca?" Did Jack say "yes sweetie" I said, I hoped he vil say sorry and take me back. "Fuck you bitch!!" Did Jack say and laugh at me, I really don't through he will do that

--------Elena pov------

I can't really not believe he dump her but he is has right. I look at her "what are you looking at loser" did Becca said and walk away,

The school was over, and my mom left me a message

Mom: i have left the car to you

-love mom

Me: Thanks mom

-Your daughter

Then I hear some one call my name, I look around who called after me then I see everybody start to move slow back, some just start to scream, and I just think was going on. Then I see are car who driving so fast. The car hit me but Jack have stop the car. I look at him, "Elena wake up please don't die wake up" and suddenly I was completely gone, Jack tried and wake me up, but nothing happened "Vanessaa CALL 11" did Jack shout "this is 11 what can I help you whit?" "The is a girl she need help so hurry up.... She have blood every where" did Vanessa "Jack?" Did I say quiet "Elena, stay whit me, I promise.... I promise you gonna be I alive, de you hear me you gonna be alive, Is is feel like I have know you for years" did Jack say and start to cried a little "I wish I could smile and give you a hug" I said

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