From Normal to Vampire

Is about a girl her name is Elena, she is 16 years old. Her crush is a vampir, she know it beacuse Elena was in a hospital and his crush sister tell her that that she was a vampire. Then Elena have to choose between died or alive?
Elena and Jack fall in love and maybe the will be togther
the are going to fight with the eneimies....
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3. I am a vampire

I wake up, i was happy that i was still alive. But is not what i thinking about right now. But more on what Sarah told me, that she and Jack was vampires. And i become also one of them. 

"Good morning sweet, did you sleep well?" said Jack and start to smile, "Yes I have" I replied. "Jack, how can you be so nice to me?" I asked questioningly 
"Good question, I'm just to cute girls who are themselves instead of being another, just as you are. You smart and beautiful and thats what i need" said Jack start to smile. I took my hand and placed it on his cheek, Jack started look at deep into my eyes. And then we kiss. 

"Thanks it was sweetly said" i said and smile, "But we cant be togther" did Jack say and looked the other way. "Wait why not?" I said, and started crying a bit. Jake start to stand up, "Elena, i am.. i am vampire, i am to dangerous to be whit" did Jack say and start to walk around the room, "Jack come here" i said. And Jack sit next to me, he took my hand. "Look at me, i dont care if you are a vampire, werewolf, i still want to be whit you" i said, and start to kiss him, on the lips. "Jack i have to tell you something" "What sweetie" "i am a vampire 2" "Wait what how?" "Your sister Sarah, she told me i have a choice between died og alive, she told me i am going to be died, if she not bit me, so i let her do it. Please dont be mad at her" I said "Ok fine, me and sarah going to help you so you not going to kill someone, who doesn't derserve to die" did Jack say. "Okay i do anything, so i doesn't need to kill my mom" i said.  the nurse came,. "Hi Elena, you're awake, I can see you are very fresh and you may go now," said the nurse

I was happy, I had to finally leave the hospital. This has been wonderful, between me and Jack, we've kissed, and been open to each other. We were lovers, now we're both not care what people say at school, and now I have someone who loves me and will protect me

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