From Normal to Vampire

Is about a girl her name is Elena, she is 16 years old. Her crush is a vampir, she know it beacuse Elena was in a hospital and his crush sister tell her that that she was a vampire. Then Elena have to choose between died or alive?
Elena and Jack fall in love and maybe the will be togther
the are going to fight with the eneimies....
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1. First day at school❤️❤️

Yeah that's me Elena. I am 16 years old, I am from U.S.A but I live in Little town. there was an incident with me 18 June. I came to hospital, and my crush sister (Sarah) who told me that she was vampire, I was shock but more shock​. She told I have a choose to be alive our died. And i have choose alive, she bit me. And not anymore I can't remember but read this story.


-----School-----Elena pov------------------------

My mom driving me to the school. I was pretty nervous. I did't no what I should do when I came. "Now we are here" said mom. The school was big, and the was many boys looking at me. I really don't like attention.

I give my mom a kiss and I get out of the car. And the I see some cheerleaders, yeah the start to give me the evil face but I just ignorerer them. "Hey pretty, nice ass" said a boy(Chris). And I just start to walk away from mrs dirty boy.


"Attention PLZZ the are a new girl from U.S.A her name is Elena. Welcome" did the teacher say. "All the girl from, USA I hot" did a boy say(Chris) I look down

 then the teacher told me i should sitting down next to Jack.  We have Biology, biology is not my favorites "Hey my name is Jack" did Jack say "Hey nice to meet you I am Elena" did I say. He was really cute☺️☺️

The clock ring

"See you later bye" did Jack say "bye" did I say and start to walk. I am open my locker. "Hey are you Elena" did a girl say "yes who are you?" i said  "I am Melissa, welcome to our school i will ask you for you want  to eat together if you want?" Did Melissa say "Sure" I said. And we sitting. Then Melissa's friends came"Hey Elena my name is Den, and this is Clara, Vanessa, and Chris" did Den say, and I remember Chris. The dirty boy. "Hey nice to meet you all" I said.

"Elena can you see that boy over there?" Did Vanessa say,I nodded "there over is Jack, Jack Ryan and his crew. There are always together and over there is his ex her name is Becca she is a cheerleader. So be care for she now everybody's secret" did vannesaa say. So this was Becca who have give me the evil face, wow I just think did I do something to that bitch maybe?

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