From Normal to Vampire

Is about a girl her name is Elena, she is 16 years old. Her crush is a vampir, she know it beacuse Elena was in a hospital and his crush sister tell her that that she was a vampire. Then Elena have to choose between died or alive?
Elena and Jack fall in love and maybe the will be togther
the are going to fight with the eneimies....
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4. Family dinner with Jack

I sit in the car and am very happy Elena. She is the pefect girl for me and I love her so much. I hope real we will be together forever. Now I'm presenting her for my family. I can not wait for her to meet them all. Now, me and Sarah have to train, and learn Elena not  become dependent on human blood-

"Now we are here bby" i said. "Will the like, me? i am nervouse" Did Elena say. I took her hand. "Dont be nervouse the will like you. You are one of us now" I said. "But what if i wasn't​ a vampire?, will the still like me?"Did Elena say. "Hey the will still love you no matter what, because you mean alot to me" I said and kissed her. 

-Jacks home---- Elena pov-..

i was a little bit nervouse, i wasen´t sure the will like me? i really hope the will like me if not, i dont really know what i should do. i have to think about something , so i not getting nervouse and say something stupid, wish me luck. Ohh god i am going to say something stupid. I forget i have birthday on 2 days, OMG!!

Me and Jack getting out of the car, then I closed the door on the car, and I become carry of jack, to the door. His parents were there and I smiled "Hello my darling, my name is Elizabeth and this is my husband, Jeremy" Did Elizabeth(Jack´s mother) say. "Hello my name is Elena, and thanks for letting me come" I said. I came in. There house was really beautiful, Jack took my hand, and show me around. "Is this your room? Where is you bed?" I said, "Vampires do not sleep" Did Jack say. I was surprised over "Vampires" doesn´t sleep. then we both going downstairs. He show me the kitchen, and then i see Sarah, she smiles at me. "Hey everybody this is..." did Jack say but was interrupted by his brother Dark "So you've brought a human for our dinner nam nam," he comes up to me and I get real scared. "I can smell fear barbie girl" Said Dark. 
Jack pushed him hard away and hit the glass on the window "Idiot she is a vampire, for the first time if you ever touch my girlfriend again or just get close to her you are dead, so fuck off with you," said Jack. I was real happy to Jack protected me, he just shows more that he loves me real.

"relax boys, we have a guest, and we have to be nice" Said Elizabeth. Jack look at her, he tell her something. ", you're grounded, Dark to destroy the glass up to your room and when you told me is was the werewolves. "Who is the werewolves" did i think in my mean "Do not be afraid, they are some of our enemies" said Elizabeth 

I was chock but... how........., I am confused, "When are we going to train Elena? Jack?" Said Elizabeth " tomorrow," Jack said.

 The dinner was over 




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