There is a place...

A proven remedy for spinning heads...


1. There is a place...



...I can go without actually going.

I've been there for real, many times.

And when pillows resist my spinning head,

I go back and the dreams come.


It's real alright, it's no fairy tale castle

There's a tree with my name carved on it

Simply thinking of the day that I put it there

I can smell the sap all over again


There's a nest in the branches

and in summer you can hear the fledglings

fight over grubs and chewed up spiders

then silence as their mother flies for more.


This is just a fragment

A millionth of a single jigsaw piece

It's a grain on the riverbed

A solitary stem of grass in a fifty acre field.


There is so much to hold on to

So many precious things that are lost in the blink of an eye

But if I want to, I can recall them

In atom splitting detail


And if there's something I can't quite put my finger on

My mind fills in the gaps

For there never need be gaps in such a place

This special place, that is ....MY place


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