Taylor or Demi and Niall

Sarah got a letter from Demi and Taylor but there is a problem. After all she makes it with Taylor and Demi, but when they make her meet her favourite band One Direction, Niall is irritating her if she could hang out with him will she accept or deny it.


1. Letter

Bright light of sunlight flickered through the blinds and into my gleaming hazel eyes. Myblonde hair with the highlight of purple shone in the rays of the sun.

"Get up Sarah!" scowled my mother fiercely. I got dressed into a gleaming dress and went downstairs.

"Get the post and wake up your good for nothing big brother!" said Mrs.Hudson angrily. My mother was always like that. I stumbled up to my brother's room humming "Neon Lights" by Demi Lovato! Yes, I was a massive fan of Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, I had so hoped to meet them one day.

Sarah banged on the door of her brother. I could hear some mummbling in my brother's room.

Suddenly, my brother bursted out of his room.

"SARAH! WHY ARE YOU FREAKIN' BANGING ON MY DOOR! IT'S ONLY 7:00!," Tyler screamed at me.

"Umm...mom said to come downstairs,"I said innocently.

"TYLER! IF YOU WOULD STOP YELLING AT YOUR SISTER AND COME DOWN NOW!,''screamed mother from the other end of the house.

I had literally gotten sick of my family. Every single day they were like blabbering about and all that. My dad went to work early in the morning and my mother had nothing to do except to blabber about. I went downstairs and walked out to the post-box. There was like about 10 letters and mostly they were bills. I quickly got hold of the one that was addressed to me.

I put the bills on the kitchen table and stuffed Tyler's letter in his face. He gave me an angry look cursed under his breath.

I opened my letter as it read:

Dear Sarah Hudson,

We were wondering since you were such a big fan of us to stay at our place for a month and so we can get to know each other.

We liked how much you were really hoping to meet us by your posts in Twitter.

If you would want to depart from Denver Airport on 29th of September and arrive at Los Angeles Airport we would be glad to pick you up from there.

We've already paid for your tickets and for more details there's more details in upcoming arrivals on the back of your ticket.

Hoping to meet you soon

Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato.

P.S For more information call us on

910 4567 781


812 5467 923

I rubbed my eyes and pinched myself from beliveng the letter. I could not belive that I was finally meeting Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato in person!

I gave a big squeal  and started running into my room still screaming! I didn't realise that Tyler's foot was a out and I tripped over it. Oh No!

"Oh, sorry, Sarah,"he apologised.

"It's okay,"I said realising that it was the first time I had ever apologised to Tyler.


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