Unexspected life

A normal girl named crystal has her life spun upside down when famous band member Louis Tomlinson is put in her life unexpectedly and soon she finds out that he might just be the love of her life will she throw everything away for love?


1. the boy

There i was dancing with my friends at the one direction concert the lat song was playing, I was screaming and I was right at the front then something amazing happened Louis caught my eye while he was singing I sung along to the lines 'when's its only me and you I can't concentrate" I felt like he was singing it to me I melted into my friend and she caught me laughing "OMG Louis is gorgeous!" She screamed over the music "I know!" I say I turn to face the crowd and I see him still looking at me he smiles and winks I giggle and blow him a kiss he catches it then runs off stage my friends all nudge me and we start to walk out of the auditorium but I stop at the doors for one more time before stepping out I feel someone touch my shoulder, I whirl around to see a security guard ushering me and my friends backstage, my heart starts to pump faster than even when I see a familiar smile come around that corner.

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