Christie Monroe is an ordinary 18 year old.What will happen when she gets kidnapped by 1D??


4. Why?

We finished cleaning and sat down at the table. Pancakes and bacon were served. I didn't really care about them kidnapping because they did not harm me. I dug in and the food was SO good I had thirds! I never got food like THAT at home,so maybe it's a good sign about kidnapping. "Why did you guys kidnap me?".There was a LONG silence before Harry said " Well, call me crazy but I stalked you ever since primary ended because I was in your class. When I saw what your parents did to you, I decided to save you from this but without the boys I could have done nothing." " Y-you were H-harry Styles?!? You changed so much!!!"

After that, we played truth or dare. Louis started first. "Um, Liam truth or dare?" Liam hesitated then said " Dare" " I dare you to eat pudding with 2 spoons !" Liam face was as white as a sheet, but he still did it. Niall took out the chocolate pudding and 2 spoons. Liam took a super deep breath and started. He filled up with so much pudding that you can't even recognize whether is was a spoon or fork. When he finished, he ran away from the spoons. You should have seen it! It was SO funny!!

After the game, we watched "summer wars" which is a Japanese movie.

Niall's P.O.V

Damn Christie's so hot, The room is on fire. I wish she was mine, but I don't know how to tell her…

Christie's P.O.V

I was trying to open a tub of ice cream but I failed like a loser. ' Niall? Can you help me please? I can't open this stupid lid.' 'Sure' he said with a bit of Irish charm.

Harry's P.O.V

I'm not sure, but I think Niall is starting to like Christie. I can't let that happen. Not on my watch…


Guyzzzz help me plz. I need YOU to decide whether it should be Carry or Ciall plz help or this story will be gone…

Thx sooooo much for reading

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