Christie Monroe is an ordinary 18 year old.What will happen when she gets kidnapped by 1D??


6. Truth

Christie's POV:

Today, the boys wanted to go to some pub and they said I can come!! Liam got me a beautiful sparkly black dress with some lace. It was a reasonable length so it didn't make me look desperate. At 7:00, we left for the party. A few minutes later, I had to pee badly. There was a short walkway and many couples were kissing. Yuck! Once I entered the toilet, I heard LOTS of girls vomiting. When I left the toilet, I saw Cory . Before I could go and say hi, this slutty chick came and they started kissing. I walked over to Cory. "ITS OVER YOU CHEAT!" I said with tears in my eyes. "Babe, it's not how it looks like…" before he could continue, I slapped him so hard everyone stared at me. I ran out of the club and the boys followed me. We went back home. Lou was like my over protective brother and he followed me to my room. I told him all about cory and what he did. He had fury in his eyes and he told me to get some sleep while he went to talk with the boys.

Louis's POV:

I met my GF Eleanor at the party and we danced. A few minutes later. I saw Christie crying and I told El i needed to go. She knows about Christie. When we reached home, I followed her to her room and she told me what happened. I was furious. Christie is like my sister an she will always be. I told her to get some sleep. I went downstairs and told the boys. Everyone raged on especially Harry and Niall. Hmmm… this is getting strange… do they like her? Now, we need to focus on catching Cody and giving him a piece of our minds.


Omg plot twist!

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