Christie Monroe is an ordinary 18 year old.What will happen when she gets kidnapped by 1D??


9. Me...Again!

Emily's POV:

Okay so you guys don't know much about me and you'd be wondering ' Who is this chick?!?'. I'm here to tell you. I'm Emily Monroe and I'm Christie's twin. I'm popular, but not bratty and rude. Even the principal likes me cuz I get good grades, I'm nice and stuff. Christie's like my wing girl, so she's similar to me ( duh we are twins!) I escaped with my real fam and christie got kidnapped by " the outsider ", then it was me and mom. Later, "dad" killed mom and the police sentenced him to death. Now we're orphan-ish. Weird, eh? I know, my mom's, Christie's and my life twisted and turned a LOT, but now I'm going start all over. I'm going to pretend none of this happened. What I HATE about Christie is that she always treats herself as the older one just because she was born 2 minutes earlier than me. That's just wacksauce. I hate my name and I always wanted to change it to Elizabeth or Nicki . I'm a acronym abuser!! But I will forever love my sis. Now imma tell you guys about how I feel. My sis loves 1D but I don't like them that much but that guy with brown hair, Liam, is a real hottie! I have no idea how he feels about me. All I know , Niall and Harry are head over heels for Christie. The other day, we were watching a movie without Christie cuz she's under room arrest for 3 more days. After the movie, Liam's hand brushed against mine. ERMAGAWD!!!!!!! But anyways, that's it. Goodbye, aloha, au revoir prettys!


If u r wondering why it's not Zayn or Lou. It's cuz they aren't single. Plot twist: coming soon!

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