Christie Monroe is an ordinary 18 year old.What will happen when she gets kidnapped by 1D??


10. Fear

Christie's POV:

I have 2 more days until my house arrest will be over. The boys got a pool and they said after that I can hang out in the pool. They also said after that, I can re-do my walk- in closet. Yay!!!!

************ 2 days later *****************************

The boys, Emily and I went to a mall. We started in Forever 21. Me and my sis got like 5 tops and 5 pairs of shorts each. Later, we went to Giordano and bought 6 tops and 5 shorts. Before we went to Victoria's Secret, I told them ' You guys stay here, We have some "business" to attend.' And We went in the store. After that I got some stuff and we went to a place called Nando's. 'What is this place?' 'You don't know Nando's?!?' Niall said and pulled me into a hug 'you poor little thing!' . I tasted some food and it was AMAZING!!. As we walked around the mall, I saw a familiar guy. I saw him in every single shop. Something is definitely wrong here...

Emily's POV:

I know Christie very well and she made a face. The fishy face. She was obsessed with reading mysterys and every time she thought something was fishy she'd make the fishy face. ' STEP OUT OF IT GROWN UP SIS!' I said while slapping her. 'Owwww.....' 'Hahahahahahahahahsgaghsgahaha!!!!!!!! You got to move it baby or commonly referred as "older sister"' aaaand I ended up getting a closed eye glare and a slap. Oh it was on like donkey kong! I slapped her,she slapped me, I slapped her and she slapped me, then Liam heard us and stopped the ' Awesome' fight. -.-


Hey ma lovelys!!!!

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