Christie Monroe is an ordinary 18 year old.What will happen when she gets kidnapped by 1D??


8. Caught

Christie's POV:

I saw a black van. Hmm… the van was similar to the one I got kidnapped in. I told Emily to run, but they were too fast. Niall got us in the van to get me first to ask why I escaped and second about Emily. I told him about my twin. 'I escaped because I missed the two people who actually cared about me. One died, and Emily is all I have left. I was born 2 minutes before her so I'm older and I really care about her. I got tired of being trapped in a house for about 1 week. It ain't fun when you can't meet the ones who were there for you. Now that mom is dead I need to take care of Emily. We just heard on the news that people under the age of 21 can't live without a guardian older than 21. We tried to pretend we were about to go grocery shopping, but you guys found us.' By the time I finished we reached and the boys were kind of teary eyed and a single tear fell from Liam.

Louis' POV:

Her story was… touching.

~ Flashback~

Christie: Lou, besides Emily and Cory, I have one more secret. Before me and Cory were together, Emily and Cory used to dated. In our middle school we had a tradition that if you were dating, the boy had to girl a bite of their food. For a long time, she never got fed by Cory. Then one day, she saw him feeding another girl. I thought it was just a joke. Then Cory liked me so we started dating.

Louis: ………

~end of flashback~

Christie's POV:

The boys still gave me a punishment. I was in room arrest but Emily was allowed to stay with us. They never treated us as if we were kidnapped. They treat us like family.I wonder if there's another reason why…


Ohh cliff hanger! Sorry for the late update! Next chapter will be Emily's POV and Intro.

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