Christie Monroe is an ordinary 18 year old.What will happen when she gets kidnapped by 1D??


12. Ahhhh

Louis' POV:

Today is the day of the plan. We snuck up on Cory the same way we did on Christie. Poor lad, captured before entering his house. We drove off and took him to an empty room at ours in which we designed to look like a interrogation room. You know, a chair, rope, dark lighting etc. " tell me, WHY THE **** DID U CHEAT ON CHRISTIE?!?!" Nialler screamed. The sass master gives him a 10/10. " *grins* it was all for a plan. You see, Emily is very popular. The third prettiest girl in my grade said she'd date me if I know Christie. So first I aimed for Emily then Christie. Finally I've got my girl, Tina"

Emily's POV:

Me and Chris Chris decided to go... SHOPPING!!!! So we went to the mall and got Starbucks. I ordered a frappe and a chicken pie while Chris Chris ordered a latte and a chocolate truffle cake. NOM NOM NOM. Just after we washed our hands after using the lavatory after hogging, a cleaning lady gave us tissue in the deserted toilet. The lady said the smell of the tissue relaxes the mind so.... we smelled it. It was sweet. Oh shit, it's chloroform!!! Oh la la, I'm feeling oozy and woozy.......

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