The supernatural Ability

Kira Evans and Julie Harts was best friends. They met 2 new students which both of them fell in love with. They were bad boys who could get any girl they want. They had this mysterious sense around them that made every girl attracting to. Both girls had a small crush on both guys but they knew they wouldn't have a chance. The boys both have a secret that the girl soon unlocked and find out. But will they?


3. Two

Kira's Pov:

We went to our class when everyone was lined up. Our form teacher this year was Ms. Amy. She is tall, thin and really beautiful. She already made a chart of places that we are supposed to sit and I was shocked when I saw the partner I was with, it was Jacob Smith. After we seated and greeted our partners. Ms. Amy started to introduce herself and ask us to introduce ourselves to the whole class. After everyone had finish she gave us all a new homework diary for us to keep and write our homework in. When she finished giving out the diary, she gave us some time to get used to our new classmates while she gives out our new timetables.

"Hey! My name is Jacob Smith but you can call me Jacob or Jake for short if you like."-Jake

"Hi, my name is Kira Evans but you can just call me Kira."-Kira

"Kira is a beautiful name just like the owner of it."-Jake

"Aww haha thanks"-Kira

"There is no need to thank me I'm just saying the truth."-Jake

"So, you're not around here, are you? I've never seen you before"-Kira

"I've new here. Me and Antonio, we move here for a new start. We just got here last week."-Jake

"You and Antonio are really close aren't you? Are you guys’ relative?"-Kira

"Nope, we're just close friends since birth"-Jake

“Oh ok.”-Kira

“Do you believe a person can have supernatural powers?”-Jake

“It very rare but I believe some people have supernatural powers. But why did you ask?”-Kira

“Just curious, anyway since I’m new here can you show around?”-Jake

“Sure, when? After school? Just me and you all alone?”-Kira

“Yep, but if you like you can ask your friend to join and I’ll also bring Antonio with me”-Jake

“Ok deal, after school it is then. At 5pm then? Here, I’ll write my phone number and address for you.”-Kira

“5 pm it is.”-Jake


As I look over to Julie, she and her new seat partner, Antonio was in deep conversation with each other. I can’t wait to tell her about our group date later on.


Julie’s Pov:

Oh my god…. This must be destiny!!! I couldn’t believe my new seat partner is Antonio! He is so mysteriously cool. Ms. Amy was handing us our new timetable. My next period is Science, I sigh. I wonder what Antonio got.

“Hey, what’s your next period? Mine is Science.”-Julie

“Um…. Mine is also Science”-Antonio

“Really, do you mind walking with me to the next class later?-Julie

“Sure, I don’t mind.”-Antonio

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my lap and I looked down to see it was Antonio's hand. Slowly but carefully his hand moved up my skirt. We locked our eyes into each other. I could feel his hand poking my crotch causing me to moan. I moan small but only for him to hear. Although, it feels so good, I had to stop him. Then I whispered "Not here". After that, he started speaking to me again casually as if that had never happened. We were in deep conversation when we got cut off by the bell ending our talk. I packed up and ran toward Kira. She started telling me about the group date and I only replied that I can't wait too. Then I told her what happened, she was shocked at first so she didn't say anything for 5 minutes. Out of nowhere, Antonio and Jacob walked towards us. Kira was back to her senses and started to talk with Jacob so I was left alone with Antonio.

"Julie, listen I need to tell you something."-Antonio

"What is it?"-Julie

"I like you, no that not it. I don't just like you I think I'm in love with you, Julie Harts."-Antonio


"I understand it if you say you don't feel the same way."-Antonio

"I think I'm in love with you too."-Julie

"You Do?"-Antonio

"I do"-Julie

"I don't think you will after you know who I truly am."-Antonio

"What are you saying Antonio? I don't care if you're an alien out of space because I love you for who you are. Even if it the weirdest thing ever, it will not change my feelings for you."-Julie

"Then come with me alone to my house tonight after the group date, I'll show you something you don't see every day."-Antonio


I wonder what the thing he shows me could be. That could change the way I felt about him. I can't wait to find out.

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