The supernatural Ability

Kira Evans and Julie Harts was best friends. They met 2 new students which both of them fell in love with. They were bad boys who could get any girl they want. They had this mysterious sense around them that made every girl attracting to. Both girls had a small crush on both guys but they knew they wouldn't have a chance. The boys both have a secret that the girl soon unlocked and find out. But will they?


4. Three

Antonio pov:

I don't know what this feeling is. I can't stop thinking of Julie, I never felt this way with any girl before. I mean I dated a lot of girls in the past and all but it was just for fun. I was never serious about any girl before but when I saw Julie for the first time it felt like time has stop and we were the only one. I know I just met her and get to know her but it feels like I have known her forever. Whenever I look at her, I know that I have found the love of my life. I'm afraid of getting rejected by her because I know that we are meant to be together. However, I have a very dark secret that only Jacob knows. Well he and I aren’t like actual humans. We have something that humans want. Something unusual. Something big and Something unbelievable. We have... actual Supernatural Powers.


I know it seems crazy and all but it's true. We can hear sounds from a large amount of distance but it seems like the sound is really close by. Also, we can run extremely fast (super sonic speed) from one place to another. Our last same power is that we can read other people mind when they are being careless. But there is thing that is different between us. We are gifted with one unique power. Jacob has the power to control fire. He can blast fire whenever he wants. Mine is like the opposite of his power, my unique power is to blast ice. It is pretty cool sometimes but if regular human find out they will be afraid of us and try to kill us. That's pretty much why we move to this place where no one have seen us before. We live alone with no parents whatsoever because they have abandon us since we were young. We found out our powers on our 13th birthday when we accidentally blast our powers out in the orphanage. Since then, we always travel as far as possible and along the way we found what we are really capable of. While we travel to different places we found out some people who also have the same powers that we have. They live in a small town where everyone have these powers. It was all extraordinary. They taught us to control our powers and to blend in with the human and try to live a "normal life". But the town was found out from a group of people that are against supernatural powers and have gotten destroyed. Each and every one of us have scattered across the world hiding. We never stay anywhere more than 3 months due to the fact that there is always someone who found out our powers in the end. But this time I have to tell Julie, I can't wait any longer. She means a lot to me and I can't just keep this big secret away from her. I also know that Jacob felt the same way towards Kira. So after we discussed it together we planned on telling them. But we hope to convince them not to freak out and keep our secret safely. 


Jacob Pov:

I like Kira, I'll admit that but I don't know how to confess to her. I'm not like Antonio who has dated a lot of girls in the past. This is my first time liking a girl and I also hope this is also the last time because I don't I can ever be serious with any other girls then Kira. To me she is beautiful; everything about her makes me go crazy. I know I've only met her for a day but it seems like I have known her for a lifetime. I know Antonio and I have discuss that we would tell them tonight but I don't think I can be brave enough to speak. But I can't wait to see Kira again, I don't know why but whenever I'm not with her I feel like I'm missing something. Jacob stop!! You're just talking nonsense again. Just go get ready; you don't want Kira to wait for you do you?? No so come on!! Talking to myself sometimes feel crazy but since it help me to get back to reality it doesn't matter. 

After we are ready, we went and meet up with the girls at their house. As soon as the clock ticks 5pm, I knocked on the door and instantly the doors opened and two beautiful girls walked out.

“Kira, you look beautiful” I whispered to Kira.

"You don’t look so bad yourself” Kira whispered back.

“Alright then ladies please get in the car, we’ll take you to a secret place where only we know about,” said Jacob.

The travel wasn’t long; Antonio took us to a big cottage inside the woods. It was the place Antonio and I like to hang out on the weekends away from the city. When the girls went in the were astonished by how beautiful the cottage was decorated.

“WOW, it’s beautiful. “Said Julie

“Well I decorated it after all” said Antonio.

“Well ladies, makes yourself at home” I told them.

“Kira and Jacob, can you please excuse me and Julie for a second, I want to talk to her alone for while if you don’t mind” said Antonio.

“Sure, me and Kira will be in my room” I said.

When Kira and I were alone in our rooms we started to talk. We talk about our lives and our hobbies. I found out a lot more about Kira that I never thought of. When she talks about her family, she started to tear up and began sobbing. I just came next to her and gave her a hug. I didn’t know what else to do but to comfort her with all I can. We then locked our eyes and out of nowhere we started to kiss. When our lips touch it was like chemical reaction and my stomach feels like fireworks. At first it was slow then it became passionate. I pushed her down and started to caress her neck. We didn’t stop until I remembered we can’t go any further. Not until I tell her who I really am. So I stopped the kiss and became serious.

“Kira, I have something to tell you.” I told her

“What is it?” she asked

“I ha…aaavvvv…eeee….Su…peeeerrrrnaatt…uuuurrrraaalll….Pppooweeerrs.” I replied.

“What??? I can’t hear you probably if you stuttered” said Kira

“I have supernatural powers” I said quickly

“ahhahahaahah you got to be joking, good joke Jacob” laughed Kira

“Kira I’m serious, I’ll prove it. Right now you think that is crazy but you’re also feeling horny just by looking at me.” I said smirking

“I’m not thinking that. You’re lying.” Said Kira blushing.

“I can read people mind when they are being careless, I can also run super fast like usain bolt is even slower than me. Additionally, I can hear something far away sounding like it’s next to me. But I have this unique power that no one else has which is to control fire. I can make this house burn down with fire if I want to but I don’t. Here let me show you.” I told her.

Then I show her my hands burning with fire and not burn into ashes. She was shocked as first but she then smiled.

“This is amazing, I mean OMG!! This is awesome.” Exclaimed Kira

“You mean you’re not finding me weird or abnormal??” I asked.

“Nope, I mean sure but how cool is it to be able to control powers and reading people mind?? Also I find you even hotter now that I know you are able to do all that!! Ok, tell me what I’m thinking right now.” Said Kira

“You’re still horny and want to be in my pants and you also have feelings for me.” I said.

“Really??? -.- how could it be possible that I am still horny. Anyway the last part is true; I do have feelings for you that I can’t hide. I think I fell in love with you since the moment we met.” Said Kira

“I feel the same way, I can’t even think of being away from you for just a second since we met. I love you Kira Evans,” I romantically told her.

“I love you too Jacob Smith” Said Kira.

I then started to kneel before her and asked “Kira Evans, starting today will you agree to become my girlfriend?”

“YESSSSS!!!!” Kira replied way too enthusiastically.  We both started hugging and shared one passionate kiss.

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