The supernatural Ability

Kira Evans and Julie Harts was best friends. They met 2 new students which both of them fell in love with. They were bad boys who could get any girl they want. They had this mysterious sense around them that made every girl attracting to. Both girls had a small crush on both guys but they knew they wouldn't have a chance. The boys both have a secret that the girl soon unlocked and find out. But will they?


2. One

Kira's POV:

My name is Kira Evans; I'm 17 years old and am currently living with my best friend Julie. My parents were murdered when I was young and my best friend parents kind of adopted me into their family. I have always been so grateful of them for that. But I didn't want to live here any longer, don't get me wrong, I love living here and everything but it just that I didn't want to cause them any more trouble taking care of me. Julie was like a sister to me and nothing can ever separate us. We both study at ABC International School and tomorrow are our first day as a year 12 student.  I can’t wait!

It was about 7am in the morning when I woke up; I got up and get ready for school. Julie was already downstairs waiting for me to join her for breakfast so I’d hurried up and join her.

“Hey sleeping beauty, I’ve been up for ages and you just woke up? Do you even know today is the first day of year 12?” –Julie

“Of course but I needed my beauty sleep.”-Kira

“But you’re already beautiful, why would you need beauty sleep?”-Julie

“AWW haha thanks. Come on I want to get to school early today.”-Kira

“Ok, let’s go. Bye mommy! Bye Daddy!”-Julie

And with that we started our journey to school. It took us 10 minutes to get there and as we reach we saw 2 very handsome guys walking into school. They look around our age, I wonder if they’re new students. After we parked Julie asked me:

“Hey did you see those handsome guys that walked into our school?”- Julie

“Yea, I hope to see them again.” –Kira

“Yeah, I hope so too.”-Julie

Just then the bell rang, so we made our way toward the assembly hall where everyone is gathered. This is where we get sorted to our classes every year. When everyone was quiet the principle, Mr Gary, started to speak:

“It a privilege to be standing here today speaking to all of you. I hoped you have a wonderful summer and is ready to start a new year with a positive attitude. Looking around I can see some old faces and some new faces. I welcome all the new students and hope you’ll have a great time studying here in ABC International School. After hearing your name please follows your teachers and goes to your classroom.”-Let start sorting classes shall we? Year 7:…. Year 8:…….. Year 9:………. Year 10:…….. Year 11:……. Year 12: ….. Julie Harts, Antonio Ace, Kira Evans and Jacob Smith. Year 13:………. “- Mr Gary

When I heard Julie name, she stood up and followed the line where our teacher was. Then I heard my name and I rush over to where Julie was standing. We saw some familiar faces and also some new faces. I saw the 2 handsome guys again and I couldn't believe that they were in my class. Julie also saw them, there was a cheeky grin on her face and I knew what she was thinking. She want them and I want them too.

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